Not a credible threat

Photo of Frances Louis from her facebook page.

A few days ago, our intrepid author Deb wrote a post in regard to the sort of scum that our Dear Leader Ardern might be proud of.

One of the screenshots on that post was from a certain crazy woman by the name of Frances Louis.

In this screenshot of a comment that she made, (below) she quite clearly threatened to kill Lauren Southern by putting a stake through her heart.

Screenshot of comment from Frances Louis

Now I’m pretty sure that publicly threatening to put a stake through someone’s heart is illegal.

But apparently, Facebook don’t see a problem with it!

Her post was reported to Facebook as it clearly threatened and promoted violence.

Their reply was sent to me:

Facebook response to death threats.

Really! Threatening to put a stake in someone’s heart doesn’t breach their community standards? Just how lax are these standards? After all, they are continually deplatforming anybody slightly right leaning.

Facebook violence standards

I guess the fact that you are the admin on multiple activist Facebook pages doesn’t matter, sorry Frances, it seems you’re just not credible enough.

But I wonder what other of Facebook’s community standards she has breached.

Facebook’s dangerous individuals or organisation standards

I wonder just how they will be organising themselves to be more ready at the Grand Labour Weekend Anti-Don Brash Hui? Hope they’re not going to do any more of that Terrorist training like Crazy-ol-Val did.

Screenshot of professional activist Frances Louis’ facebook page

But what about:

Facebook promoting or publicising crime standards

Yep, she thinks criminals who make bomb threats then boast about it publicly deserve to be made a Knight of the Realm.

Screenshot of Francis Louis’ facebook comment.

Now a look through the various insane rantings on Crazy-Ol-Frances’ multiple facebook pages, it would seem that she was an aspiring Mayoral candidate for Rotorua! A look at the incredible video below will be all you need to decide if Frances is the full quid.

Actually, on second thoughts, maybe Facebook has a point about that credibility thing. Gower has serious competition it seems.