Now, that is some shooting!

A bad wog just received a salient lesson, on the perils of combat and long range sniping, from an SAS sergeant with a.50 cal machine gun…from 2.4km away: Quote:

A British sniper gunned down a jihadi from almost 2.4km away in what is reportedly the best long-range shot ever in the SAS.

The sergeant killed the Islamic State commander with a .50 Calibre machine gun, shooting him in the chest.

The Islamist’s arm and shoulder were torn off due to the force of the bullet and he died instantly. The jihadi was on a British and US kill list.

A veteran of Iraq and Syria, the sergeant was secretly patrolling a region of northern Afghanistan under Islamic State control,?The Daily Star Sunday?reports.

His gun is being decommissioned and displayed in the elite unit’s Hereford headquarters.

The .50 Cal Browning – which is almost 40 years old – was mounted on an Army vehicle.

A senior officer stationed at the Joint Special Operations Command HQ in Kabul gave the go-ahead for the kill.

One source told the paper a special sight was fitted on the machine gun and a spotter then estimated wind speed.

“He also took into account the heat of the day and the light,” they said. “The image of his target was quite “watery” because of the heat being given off from the ground.”

The Islamic State fighter seemed to be briefing his men as he stood addressed fighters for about 20 minutes.

It took several seconds for the round to hit the commander who appeared to fly into several pieces. For a few seconds no-one moved. When they realised what had happened they got up and ran away.”

The paper reports that the kill is thought to have saved more than 20 lives. The gun was used as a long-range weapon in the 1950s during the Korean War.

This feat is believed to be the first time the machine gun has been used for a sniper hit by the SAS. ? End of quote.

It might be the first time the SAS has done it, but the technique was used by US Marine sniper Carlos Hathcock during the Vietnam War to set a record that lasted 35 years until beaten by two Canadian snipers,?Corporal Rob Furlong and?Master Corporal Arron Perry, both using a?McMillan Tac-50?in the same calibre as used by Hathcock.

Gunnery Sergeant Carlow Hathcock and his modified M2 Maching Gun.


On some occasions, however, he used a different weapon: the?M2 Browning machine gun, on which he mounted a 10X Unertl scope, using a bracket of his own design. Hathcock made a number of kills with this weapon in excess of 1,000 yards, including his record for the?longest confirmed kill?at 2,500 yards (since surpassed). End quote.

Both of those records have been surpassed as well. The longest confirmed kill record now stands at?3,540?m (3,871?yd), held by an unnamed Canadian sniper.

A kill shot at 2.4km is an awesome achievement, and would still rank in the top 5.

The NZ Herald has used a computer-generated model of an Iraqi soldier with an AK style rifle for their article. You’d think they’d get something a bit more accurate.