Now they are coming for the rest of the plastic

It was only ever a matter of time. Having succeeded in banning ‘single-use’ plastic bags, the rest of the plastic in supermarkets is now in the sights of the environmentalists. While the loss of the outer plastic bags may not be such a problem while all of the food is individually wrapped, the whole debate becomes very interesting if plastic is to be banned from supermarkets altogether.

But you know what they say. There is nothing so determined as a virtue signaller with the bit between its teeth.

In the photo above, the fruit is mostly packed in tied plastic bags, and I can live without those. But the small, soft plastic to place fruit and vegetables into is going to be hard to lose. It is not just a question of keeping different food types separate for weighing. There are serious issues of contamination to be considered as well.

It isn’t going to stop anybody though. Four legs good, plastic bad.

This article from?The Telegraph?in the UK tells us the direction that food packaging is heading and some of it is going to be problematic. quote:

Every major supermarket in Britain has today (28 April 2018) pledged to eradicate unnecessary single-use plastics by 2025, under a?new?”UK Plastics Pact”.

The agreement, organised by Government-backed waste charity Wrap,?is a world-leading collaborative effort by Britain’s biggest consumer companies to?tackle the?scourge of plastic waste?on the environment.

It means?single-use plastics?will only be allowed if they are deemed absolutely necessary and are made from recyclable materials. end quote.

Would preventing an outbreak of e-coli make plastics ‘absolutely necessary’? quote

Non-recyclable plastics including single-use 5p carrier bags, squeezy ketchup bottles, snap pots of yoghurt, and multi-bags of fruit and vegetables, could all be banned if they cannot be made recyclable. end quote.

Now things are starting to get serious. Ketchup bottles and yoghurt pots. How have we gone from getting rid of plastic carrier bags to having no plastic at all in what seems like a heartbeat? quote:

More than 40 firms have promised that all the?plastic packaging they produce will be reusable, recyclable or compostable within seven years, while two thirds will be recycled or composted, up from 45 per cent today. end quote.

As if they have a choice.

But ‘single-use’ plastic bags, ketchup bottles and most other plastics are recyclable already. Supermarkets already provide recycling bins for soft plastics, such as fruit and vegetable bags, plastic carrier bags and other soft plastics. Recognise this?

So why the panic to get rid of all plastics from supermarkets? Can’t we just recycle them? Quote:

Over the next seven years supermarkets will stop using “unnecessary” plastic packaging, such as multi-packs of fruit and vegetables, which are expected to be ditched in favour of loose.

Black plastic trays commonly used for ready meals are also expected to be phased out or modified, as well as?non-recyclable?plastic wraps on items like yoghurts, juices, herbs and flowers.

The move could also spell the end of squeezy bottles of ketchup and mayonnaise, as the silicone component can contaminate other recycling. An “alternative solution” would need to be found, Wrap said.

Snap pots of yoghurts, beans and other foods are also under threat as a result of the pledge, as the polystyrene used to make them is not always recyclable. end quote.

Suddenly, we seem to be on a freight train going downhill. Plastic bags have not even been banned as such yet, and here we are, looking at all plastics being banned from the supermarket in a matter of a few short weeks.

Sure, this article is from the U.K and is only talking about their supermarkets but they haven’t even banned ‘single-use’ plastic bags yet, and are already talking about banning everything else. So, it really is only a matter of time here as well.

First, they came for my plastic bags

But I could live without plastic bags, so I did nothing

Then they came for my cat

But I didn’t have a cat, so I did nothing

Then they came for my dog

But I didn’t have a dog either

Then they came for my?weedkiller

But I don’t use it, as I only have? a small backyard

And then they came for all of my plastic

And now I don’t know how to stop the contamination and I’m getting sick


Digital image credit: Pixy
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