Now they really are coming for your cat

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Once again, the pace of change is devastating. Last week, I wrote of how pets, both dogs and cats, may be banned soon. It didn’t seem likely that it would be very soon, at that stage though.

Well, guess what?

We seem to have our first cat ban. Seriously.

Newshub?reports quote:

The Southland community of Omaui is set to become a cat-free corner of New Zealand. Environment Southland is proposing changes which will see a ban on new domestic cats.

Biosecurity operations manager Ali Meade says once a cat dies, the owner will not be allowed a new one.

“After that?point?there will be no new cats. Once your cat dies you won’t be able to replace them,” she told RadioLIVE. end quote.

You won’t be able to replace it. That is it. Final. quote:

Ms?Meade says it will protect local bird life, and native bird activity is already increasing in the area.

“The bird numbers are increasing, there’s lots of tui and bell-birds,” she says.

“The community?are?wanting to find a way to look after them even more.” end quote.

We’ve been through this… get rid of cats and the rat population will skyrocket. Cats do not only kill birds. They kill rats as well and rats kill birds and eat their eggs. quote:

Conservation Minister Eugenie Sage has suggested?Wellington locals should stop owning cats?in order to reintroduce Kiwis to urban areas.

“I think gradually we’ll see people?recognise?that having wildlife thrive will mean having cats inside – and when your cat dies, then potentially not replacing it.”

Her comments echo the results of a recent Otago University survey, which found domestic pets like cats pose a challenge to restoring native species. end quote.

Obviously, we consider the rat a ‘native species’ these days. quote:

They’re also?in-line?with comments by former The Opportunities Party (TOP) leader Gareth Morgan, who called cats “natural-born killers” that need to be wiped out. end quote.

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Yes, but Gareth Morgan is full of unusual ideas. He wants retired people to pay tax on the houses they spent their lives paying off (with after tax income) so that the government can give money to young people to do nothing. We all love this idea. quote:

Ms?Sage believes people have a tough decision to make.

“Often people have a choice. Is it the native birds and wildlife, like the lizards, insects they want to thrive? Or is it the cat?” end quote.

Child holding a Weta

This is not a tough decision. It is a no brainer. Give me a cat over a weta any day.

People do want to see native birds flourish, but they are everywhere, and although some are killed by cats, those numbers are not huge.

If you have ever lived in a rural area where there are not a lot of cats, but plenty of rats, stoats and possums, you will know that the bird life flourishes once the area is treated with 1080.

Once domestic cats are reduced or eliminated, the rat population will flourish. That is, once again, the law of unintended consequences.

But the other thing is… people really hate being told what to do by the government. This will backfire badly on the government, and the Greens in particular.

I do hope so anyway.

Watch a major spike in cat breeding happen over the next few months, before the ban.

In the meantime, we had better all start adopting kittens. Especially in Southland.

Old lady with her cat