Oh good: A new justice lobby group

TJF co-founder Tania Baron

Good news everybody. We have a new Justice Lobby Group that is going to do their utmost to ensure that all our prisoners are rehabilitated prior to leaving prison.

This new group, which goes by the name of Transforming Justice Foundation has recently been set up by ex-cop Tania Baron and ex-Sensible Sentencing Trust member Scott Guthrie.

So let’s see what they are all about. Their website has this to say: Quote:

Transforming Justice Foundation (TJF) is a non-profit organisation founded by passionate Kiwis to?change?the ideology that the only way to fix crime in New Zealand is with lengthy prison sentences.

Our view is, and always will be supportive of appropriate sentences and penal policies to enforce accountability and keep the public safe at all times. Prevention and reducing the percentage of those who re-offend, with a strong focus on intervention and rehabilitation which will create a safer New Zealand for everyone.[…]

It is our aim to ensure the offender is adequately rehabilitated and ready for release back into the community’ and […] To oppose the Three Strikes law as we believe this legislation to be unbalanced and ineffective.’ End quote.

Mmmn, ok, so a bit wishy-washy but at least their heart is in the right place, at least until they get to the opposing the Three Strikes Law bit.

Trouble is, they don’t seem to run a straight path here. From their Facebook page, apparently they want longer sentences, but only if they can be rehabilitated, and while we’re at it, let’s halve the prison population!

screenshot tjf facebook page 23 July 2018

I’m not sure how advocating for justice for victims and halving prison numbers really stack up together.

But who else is extolling their virtues?

screenshot tjf facebook page 4 July 2018

Oh dear. Can someone tell that woman she’s not a politician any more!

But there must be lots of other support surely I hear you cry. Yep, they have 106 followers on Facebook at the time of writing.

So let’s look at who’s involved.

Tania Baron. (pictured above)

You may have noticed Ms Baron in the media of late. She was recently a Police Inspector down in Dunedin. That is until she started getting jiggy with a 17-year-old male model that she met at a cycling club. After an internal investigation Inspector Baron was exonerated of any wrongdoing and after signing a confidential ‘lawyer/police facilitated’ agreement, she took a special payout and resigned. The young chap’s Mum apparently wasn’t best pleased with it all but you know, she was only 43 so there wasn’t that much of an age gap! I can’t imagine her husband and kids were too impressed either, but there you go, clearly not the morals of a saint but I guess you just can’t fight love.

Then there is Scott Guthrie, an ex-member of the Sensible Sentencing Trust. Again from the T.J.F website: Quote.

As co-founder of TJF,?Scott comes with a great passion for this country and simply could see other, more common sense ways of dealing with Law, order and justice.

Scott has an extensive background of working with victims and offenders alike.

Scott lives by the motto?? victims are paramount in any type of crime?? but New Zealand needs to find a better way of dealing with the offender, hence the creation of Transforming Justice Foundation (TJF). End quote.

Scott Guthrie, TJF

That’s right, he lives by the motto! I wonder if that includes the victims who are owed money as a result of either of the TWO bankruptcies that Mr Guthrie has had?

A Stuff article has this to say about Mr Guthrie.

The director of two?failed Feilding courier firms, who has since moved on to become a vocal member of the Sensible Sentencing Trust, will not have to pay any money back to the companies, partly?because he was bankrupted following the firms going into liquidation.

Kereru Investments?went into liquidation August 2013, soon after it had been ordered by the Employment Relations Authority to pay former employee Samara Meads $9200 for not following proper process.

Kereru director Scott Guthrie applied to have Meads’ case reheard, but Judge Anthony Ford said the challenge was “frivolous and vexatious” when dismissing it.

The firm also?owes former courier driver Alan Smith $38,000 from another ERA decision. End quote.

You would think that if one lived by the motto?? victims are paramount”, one might expect a little sympathy for people that are owed money. But no, he has been reported as saying?his two former employees were “riding a dead horse” trying to get the money out of Kereru.

Being a Foundation, I would have at a guess that there may be some funding requests going in to help with T.J.F’s lobbying. Let’s hope Mr Guthrie won’t be the one in charge of keeping the books in the black. At least he seems to realise this might be a bad idea as previously when asked about this he has stated:

“These issues have nothing to do with my work within Sensible Sentencing Trust and I have nothing to do with the Trust’s financial affairs, and nor do I ever wish to.End quote.

Funny thing though, when you look at the acronym T.J.F, google has a couple of other meanings pop up. It can stand for Total Jerk Face apparently, or even Typical Jonas Fatty!, (a term for a less than attractive, Jonas Brothers fan) but most cops only know TJF as having one meaning.

T.J.F is used by Police when analysing how the job has changed over the years, or when they are particularly unhappy with some PC rubbish that has been foist upon them. It stands for “The Job’s F**ked”.

Ah, very clever, I see what you did there Ms Barron, that’ll show em.