Oh-oh, another German leader is tooling up for war

Caption: When German leaders pose like this, people get nervous

It?s generally politely glossed over, but the blunt fact is that the European Union was created not so much to stop European states warring on each other, but to stop Germany warring on European states. Ever since the German states unified in the 19th century, the rest of Europe struggled with Furor Teutonicus. Amid the cooling ashes of the Thousand Year Reich, the Coal and Steel Union, designed to control German access to war material, became the first step to the creation of the European Union.

But was it all in vain? Quote:

Angela Merkel?s EU Army Poses The Greatest Threat To World Peace In 2017

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other Europhile politicians have pushed forward with an aggressive campaign to militarize the European Union. These plans have at times been kept from European citizens in certain states. The new EU Army appears to be supplied at least in part by NATO which is currently being affected by corruption scandals and the death of its Chief Auditor under suspicious circumstances.

Germany has been responsible for a recent spike in anti-American and UK rhetoric. Their combative stance, and desperate attempts to prevent sovereign nations from deciding if they will continue to be members of the EU raise questions about the true purpose of the new EU Army. End of quote.

The prospect of a non-sovereign, anti-democratic body possessing its own army is worrying enough. That such an army would belong to an increasingly Islamic Europe in coming decades is alarming. So what does the EU even need an army for? Quote:

The EU Army is being sold to Europe using what appears to be a three pronged Public Relations approach: stoking fears of internal threats, making the EU Army synonymous with calls for European unity, and lashing out the US as unable to protect Europe from external threats. End of quote.

Brexit shocked the smug EU leadership. The thought that nations might decide to take their sovereignty back and walk away terrified Brussels. Quote:

At the same time that Germany has tried to downplay the threat of Islamic extremism?they have been engaged in efforts to keep the public?s attention on ?far right extremist groups??Internal threats, both real and perceived, provide Angela Merkel with an ideal way to sow fear amongst the population and encourage demand for the EU Army and European unification. End of quote.

Despite America?s extraordinary generosity in rebuilding a shattered Europe after WWII, especially the criminal aggressors, Germany, the EU has a long history of antagonism towards its benefactor. NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg is an old Marxist who cut his political teeth protesting against America in the 60s. Quote:

Over the past several years [there] has been a recent rise in rampant anti-American rhetoric from Angela Merkel. Merkel, a staunch supporter of Hillary Clinton was perhaps hoping that her EU Army buildup would have been less complex had her friend won the executive office of the United States?The incoming U.S. Ambassador to the EU has warned that Mr. Trump will not stand for an EU Army during his Presidency?

Just what a ?Defense Union? is needed to guard against is unclear, though the most likely justification is the ever present Russian menace touted by bureaucrats throughout Europe. The Russian narrative is often used as a cover story for whatever political purpose the actor who pushes it supports?

How a European Union military force will be more efficient or desirable than the current arrangement with NATO is unclear. Given the recent rise of Islamic extremism in Europe and increasing numbers of states seeking to leave the European Union, it appears far more likely that Merkel?s new army would be deployed domestically?Throwing additional military power into the mix seems unnecessary at best and incredibly dangerous at worst. Her decision to begin lashing out at the US and Euroskeptic European states indicates that the latter possibility may be more likely. End of quote.

Maybe it’s good news that, since 2017 Merkel has become an increasingly lame duck whose political days appear to be numbered. However, that raises the question of just who then will be in control of this new German War Machine?