Opinion: Helen’s been lying for years


Helen Clark has been in the news a bit lately, mainly due to the fact that she is a bitter and twisted NIMBY who seems to hate babies.

I feel it is the lying that goes to show just how nasty this woman is. She claims that she had never heard of Sir Ray Avery, when clearly she has had plenty of contact with him in the past.

I lost all respect for Helen Clark way back in 2004 after the Motorcade debacle. Many will remember the afternoon of 14 July 2004 when a prime ministerial motorcade carrying the Prime Minister, The Right Honourable Helen Clark, and the Minister of Agriculture, the Honourable Jim Sutton, left Waimate for Christchurch Airport to catch a flight to Wellington after their flight from Timaru was cancelled. The motorcade had been organised as Ms Clark was expected at a rugby match in Wellington and it was figured out that she would be able to catch a plane from Christchurch if they hurried.

To complicate matters, the Police officers involved had mostly been working as a part of her detail the day before when there had been a credible threat to Ms Clark?s safety. They were on edge, there had been a threat of severe violence, and the perpetrator (an ex Police officer) not only had the current mental state to carry out his threat but the ability to do so. His whereabouts at that time were not known.

The next day it seems that those officers had not all been told that overnight the threat had been neutralised with the arrest of the offender. Most of them thought he was still at large and this was at the back of their mind when carrying out their duties.

There were certainly mistakes made with the organisation of the motorcade and it was not necessarily managed in an appropriate way. But the reality was the Crown driver and the five Police Officer?s involved in the three car motorcade, pretty much carried out their instructions as they had been trained.

NZ Police motorcade for Dutch Royals, 2016

Following a beat up by Paul Holmes, a number of members of the public complained about the actions of the motorcade, in particular about the speeds and manner of driving.

Now I have completed motorcade training with the police. When faced with a credible threat, you must always drive at high speed, within a few metres of the vehicle in front of you so as to make it difficult for any offenders to get in between the security vehicles and the VIP. As I say, those officers were simply doing what they were trained to do.

But the biggest issue for me in all this was the blatant lying of Helen Clark.

When asked to comment on what had gone on, Clark threw all her loyal staff under the bus.

She tried to claim that she had been reading official papers in the back and hadn?t noticed any excessive speed!

So let?s take a look at the practicalities of that particular untruth.

The motorcade covered a distance of 205 kilometres in 96 minutes. That?s an average speed of 128km/h. When you are cruising down that particular piece of road at the legal speed limit, you would be very lucky to average more than about 80km/h so to average nearly 50km/h more than that, you need to be travelling pretty quickly. Many estimates were bandied about but it was generally accepted that speeds of up to 180km/h were reached. From my experience to average 128km/h, you would need to be maintaining 150 to 160km/h wherever possible.

I would challenge any reader out there to sit in the rear of a wallowing Crown limo while it maintains that sort of speeds and not realise you were driving fast.

Anyone who has ever sat in a car that accelerated quickly will be familiar with the forces. That limo would?ve been capable of reaching around 0.7G while rounding corners and up to 1G if being braked heavily. I know from experience that these cars are capable of rounding corners at nearly twice the posted recommended speeds, ie, a 65km/h corner can quite easily be taken at 120km/h or more. The forces pushing Ms Clark around in the back of the vehicle would have been substantial. The noise of the engine, revving out to redline for over an hour would have been quite noticeable.

In short, she lied. I would suggest there was no way on earth that she did not know she was travelling at warp factor ten.

By making up this ridiculous story, and failing to back her staff and minders, Ms Clark ensured that no cop would ever trust or respect her again. All she had to do was admit that she was happy for the motorcade to proceed as it did, and make a statement that she believed it was necessary as a part of her Prime Ministerial duties. The officers would?ve had an internal reprimand for the things that could?ve been done better and everyone would?ve moved on.

But by failing to back the people who were after all only trying to protect her, she effectively initiated a massive investigation against those staff.

Police management are never very keen to publicly back their men anymore. There is a very PC and risk averse attitude among the top brass. All too often I have heard one say ?Look I realise we probably won?t win but I think we should charge him and let the court decide.? Not many bosses nowadays have the balls to say ?No? and back their staff, due to fear of being seen as protectionist or trying to brush things under the carpet.

As a result of Ms Clark failing to back her staff, Police management laid a total of 36 charges against the six involved. Many of these charges were dismissed at the first hearing but three men were convicted of charges such as Dangerous Driving and Following too Close.

A good friend was one of those charged. He had only been a passenger in one of the vehicles. For some unknown reason, Police hierarchy decided to charge him with ?Aiding and abetting Dangerous Driving?, because apparently, he should have told the driver to slow down!

Of note, neither Helen Clark nor Jim Sutton was charged with the same offence. This can pretty much only be put down to the fact that they lied about knowing they had been driving fast. The Police officer?s were honest, and paid the price. Oddly in my 20 years of law enforcement, I have never heard of another case where this charge was issued to anyone. For it to be dragged out from the bottom of the law books to punish their own was extremely odd indeed.

The charge against my friend was one of the ones dismissed early on presumably as it was patently ridiculous.

But the toll it took on him was massive. There was a substantial amount of time off involved, stress leave, various court cases, and loss of money as they were not eligible for legal aid etc. I distinctly remember staff donating cash to the fighting fund. All this was as a result of Helen?s lying and lack of a backbone.

Some of the men who were charged were found guilty at the defended hearing; they were fined but did not receive the mandatory disqualification from driving. All were subsequently discharged without conviction on appeal. This was another time when the Police Association really backed their boys.

As did the decent Cabinet ministers who dipped into their own pockets to the tune of $3000 to pay for the fines etc for the men who had been charged.

But you really know that you’ve been caught lying when a left wing ‘State Media’ newspaper have your very own Labour voters, when surveyed, showing 50.9% of them agreed that Ms Clark should’ve taken responsibility.

As Dr Brash said at the time,

?There is not much doubt that those police officers and the civilian driver took the rap for a situation which Helen Clark should have been responsible for. end quote.

My friend subsequently passed away from natural causes while at the wheel of his patrol car one day. The NZ Police lost a good man far too early. But prior to this, I had a few conversations with him regarding the whole nasty affair. He was under absolutely no illusions that Ms Clark was fully aware of what was going on.

I think the Ex-Prime Minister should think a little more about the lies she is telling. The fallout might be much more than she expects. One may only be trying to cover one’s own posterior, but there can be a massive effect on people down the line.

The more that you defecate on the people whose job it is to serve you, the more they may be inclined to leak out stories, such as what you might have been up to during those long late night drives in the Crown car after picking up your lady friend.

People have long memories and the internet’s memory is longer. Let’s hope people remember just how much #crookedhelen has lied over the years as she looks to make herself relevant again while looking for her next trough.