Our overlords at the Ministry of Truth are displeased

Caption: If you can’t report the good news in this picture, the United Nations is going to be very displeased

The United Nations is long past its use-by date. Not only is it increasingly becoming the plaything of authoritarian Marxists, Islamic supremacists, and anti-Semites, it openly undermines the very principles on which it was founded.

The United Nations Charter enshrines the principle of sovereignty. Subsequent resolutions emphasise its commitment to ?the principle of sovereignty?. In practice, though, the United Nations aggressively undermines the sovereignty of nation-states. Sometimes it?s as blatant as the dismantling of the Libyan state. Other times, the U.N uses stealthy, weasel-worded conventions and resolutions to contravene the sovereign rule of law in states which refuse to buckle to the globalist agenda. Quote:

A major UN pact on migration commits governments to introduce programs aimed at ?sensitising and educating? the media and withholding public funding from publications that ?promote intolerance? of migrants.

Meanwhile, Switzerland has hit back after Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton declared Australia would not sign the compact as it stands, contradicting his suggestion it would undermine national sovereignty. End of quote.

This is self-serving baloney. The United Nations has consistently used its apparatchiks to try and bully Australia into submission and to white-ant the strong border policies that Australians voted for in 2001 and again in 2013. The very definition of national sovereignty is that a state is the sole and supreme law-making authority within a defined geographical area. A state that does not exercise sole control of its borders is no longer sovereign. Quote:

The right of states to determine their migration policies and ?their prerogative to govern migration within their jurisdiction? is explicitly reaffirmed,? he told The Australian. End of quote.

The problem, though, is that what the U.N says and what the U.N does are often very different. A body whose founding charter supposedly enshrines the principle of sovereignty has in practice aggressively undermined it. International Relations scholars concede that U.N interventionism is characterised by great hypocrisy.

The actual intent of this pact is given away by its Orwellian determination to control the agenda.Quote:?

The education program for those in the media, which would extend to their terminology, is outlined in paragraph 33 of the final draft of the Global Compact for Migration which commits governments to ?shape perceptions of migration?. End of quote.

As is always the way with leftist authoritarians, the goal is to control the narrative.?The Irish government spent billions secretly bribing the media to promote its migration policies. The U.N is taking the carrot and the stick to the media. Quote:

While some media outlets would lose public funding under the compact, it also requires governments to invest in advertising and ?ethical reporting standards?. End of quote.

In other words, say only what we want you to. Quote:

[The] IOM document says one of the goals of the compact should be to ?work with local media to develop means for regular transmission of positive narratives about migrants and migration in order to counteract discrimination, ?racism and xenophobia?. End of quote.

Those migrant rapists and thugs running rampant in your city streets? Down the Memory Hole. Muslim no-go zones torched in European cities? Report that “hardworking migrants generously open the way for major improvements in low socio-economic suburbs”, or else feel the wrath of some unelected “special rapporteur”.

It is said that journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is advertising. The U.N Ministry of Truth doesn?t want journalism: it wants lickspittle compliance with its open borders agenda.