Our status as women is under attack & Marama Davidson is leading the charge

I don’t think that the co-leader of the Greens Marama Davidson has ever met a bandwagon cause that she hasn’t liked. She appears to study what is being used by politicians in America to get media attention and a year or so later she brings the cause to New Zealand.

The first time I noticed her doing this was when she tried to borrow the American activist theme that the police are racist and that they racially profile and that racism is systemic inside the police force. She made the claim despite the fact that the New Zealand police?have diversity quotas and work actively in the community to build relationships with so-called ?diverse? communities.

Counties Manukau district commander Superintendent Jill Rogers said the event was part of understanding the community police work in. Photo: Stuff

The latest bandwagon that Marama Davidson has jumped on to get media headlines is the Trans one. She illustrated either her ignorance or her deliberate mischaracterisation of the situation by tweeting this statement on Twitter.

Trans women are women. The men who are threats to women’s spaces, are men. Trans women who are so acutely oppressed, marginalised and dehumanised – are my sisters. Not my enemies. end quote.

There are so many things wrong with that statement. The most obvious one is the assumption that anyone who agrees with science and biology must see Trans women as the enemy. The other assumption is that agreeing with the scientific fact that a man who ‘ identifies’ as a woman is still biologically a man is somehow oppressing, marginalising and dehumanising him.

Neither of those assumptions is true and even if they were they are still not an argument against a biological fact. If I hated men and wanted to oppress them, marginalise and dehumanise them but I stated that they were biologically men that statement would still be factual and true regardless of my prejudice?towards them.

This is a dangerous bandwagon that Marama has jumped onto because it is equating facts with hate and is putting feelings before facts. This kind of activism is an attack on biological women. Real women and yes I make no apology for calling them real.

Activists like Marama are keen to blur the lines between reality and fantasy which can only reduce the status of real women and will definitely take away the protections currently in place for the sexual safety of real women as well as making a mockery of and destroying Women’s sport.

Trans woman & Trans man

Many Trans women with a penis still have sex with real women and there have already been a number of examples where they have raped women. Trans girls have been caught in school toilets leering at real girls. Calling these men and boys women does not take away their penis or their sexual urges towards real women. Trans culture and psychology is very complex and only an incredibly naive person would assume that if a man or boy wants to dress and live as a woman or girl that he will only be interested in men sexually.

In an article on RNZ New Zealand trans woman Diane Sparkes, acknowledged the risk of allowing a trans woman with a penis in a female-only space, ” where women could be exposed to male genitalia or at risk of sexual assault.” Sparkes said that she wanted the law to ensure that a person got medical sign-off on their gender change before their birth certificate could be legally changed in New Zealand.

In order to appease the Trans lobby women are being demeaned and reduced in status. Language is being changed in order to protect the feelings of Trans women. No one seems to care about the feelings of real women. I refuse to have my vagina referred to as a front hole because a Trans woman is insecure about his fake vagina.

Marama has already led the way in trying to bring back the word C*nt.

Will “front hole” be next?

Watch this space. The woman has never met an activist cause from America that she didn’t like.

Green list MP and co-leader wanna be Marama Davidson, hugs immigrant from South Africa, BDS activist Justine Sachs, demonstrating that she is ignorant of Whaleoil’s third rule of politics.