Pakistan’s priorities

Pakistan recently came back onto my radar when I found out that Whaleoil was number three on a list of websites that a Muslim dude wanted to be censored by both Pakistan and Google. Our crime was the publication of a cartoon of Muhammad.

Pakistan?s new Prime Minister who used to be a famous sportsman has lost all sense of sportsmanship and fair play and arrogantly expects to impose anti-free speech, Islamic blasphemy laws on sovereign non-Muslim countries. What a bloody cheek!

He is actually heading for the United Nations with the intention of telling them that he will not tolerate Pakistan’s infamous blasphemy laws being broken by countries who are not subject to them. No doubt many tears were shed by Prime Minister Imran Khan and no doubt his bottom lip wobbled when he complained that few in the West understand the pain cartoons cause poor, defenceless widdle Muslims.

After what happened to the cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo I say he can take his pain and shove it up his prayer mat. Not only that but I now feel morally obligated to promote draw Muhammad cartoon competitions and to publish cartoons poking fun at Muhammad just because he dares to tell we in the West what we can do in our own sovereign countries. He’d better hurry up and block Whaleoil quick smart because I’m mad now and he won’t like me when I’m mad. Jihad Watch writes?Quote.

Geert Wilders, a Dutch lawmaker known for his fierce criticism of Islam, plans to hold a Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest later this year.[…]
Blasphemy laws are rooted in the Sharia, pushed by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). Now Pakistan, the country most known for its brutal blasphemy laws, has joined OIC efforts on an international scale to shut down freedom of expression that causes ?pain? to Muslims.

This is a very critical point for Westerners to understand, since it is the root of ?anti-Islamophobia? drives in the West. Islam must not be criticized because it is hurtful to Muslims. […] But it doesn?t stop there. One must not scrutinize Islam, produce satirical depictions of Muhammad (as has been often done with Christ), or point out Islam?s human rights abuses, its intolerance, its relegation of women to an inferior status, FGM, honor killings, jihad violence and the call to wage bloody jihad in order to conquer non-Muslim states, and the like.

One must not even call out the hate being preached in mosques, or call for the monitoring of mosques due to their high incidence of hate preaching. It is all hurtful to Muslims; it is therefore ?Islamophobic.?

Pakistan?s senate has passed a resolution condemning an anti-Islam cartoon contest planned by a far-right Dutch lawmaker, in one of the first actions taken by the assembly since last month?s elections. End quote.

Khan wasn’t always such a?hardcore Islamist but if you look at the photos of his wives in order, they paint a picture of his descent into hardcore political Islam.

Johnny Eggitt/AFP/Getty Images
Imran Khan and Jemima Goldsmith after their civil wedding ceremony in London in June 1995

He married wife number one Jemima Goldsmith when she was only 21 and he was 42. After marrying him she converted to Islam and moved to Pakistan so that Khan could pursue politics. They had two sons, and the marriage ended in June 2004

Daily Times LAHORE: TV anchor Reham Khan was on Monday served defamation notices by her former husband Ijaz Rehman, former cricketer Wasim Akram and two others

His second wife was Reham Khan a former BBC weather presenter who he married in 2015. They divorced less than a year later. She published a?tell-all memoir?about their marriage that caused an?uproar in Pakistan.

Pakistani cricketer-turned-opposition leader and head of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf (PTI) party Imran Khan (C) posing for a photograph with his new wife Bushra along with relatives during a nikah wedding ceremony

His third wife Bushra Maneka has been referred to as a ghost and for good reason. He did?not see her face until after they were married. She was still married to another man when she met Khan and she is a leading scholar and spiritual guide in the Sufi branch of Islam. She will not meet men with her face uncovered and she rarely leaves the house.

UPDATE: The Draw Muhammad cartoon contest has been cancelled.