Peaceful protest guide?

Digital image credit: Paul F

This image is a JOKE and we genuinely? HOPE that these groups will protest peacefully and not try?to take away law abiding citizens right to listen to opinions that they want to hear.

Ignorance is not bliss. We challenge these groups to listen and debate rather than act like thugs and use harassment, threats and violence to impose a Thug’s Veto on what should be a very interesting night out for hundreds of people.

Freedom of speech is for everyone and is the foundation of democracy. If these groups?do not respect it and try to silence the speakers and criminally prevent law abiding citizens from entering the venue then they are showing what little respect they have for our democracy.

We support their right to free speech and to peacefully protest because we are not scared of their opinions. We are happy to discuss and to debate and to use an evidence, not emotion based approach.

Instead of trying to disrupt the event why don’t they use question time at the event to question and debate in a civilised fashion? There is no need to act like jack-booted fascists to protest ideas that they are actually completely ignorant about.