Perhaps a diet of bread and water might assist this fat rapist

A fat rapist isn’t in jail at the moment, he’s in hospital, because he is so fat and injured he can’t be put in jail just yet: Quote:

The lawyer of obese convicted rapist Marcus Solomon says his client was not jailed to hospital because of his weight.

He has also lodged an appeal notice against all 10 of Solomon’s convictions, at the Court of Appeal in Wellington.

On July 25, Marcus Shane Solomon?was?sentenced to eight years and four months’ imprisonment?for raping and sexually abusing three young girls in?Kaik?ura?in the 1980s and 1990s, when he was aged between 14 and 22.

Solomon appeared at the sentencing on a hospital gurney via video link but his actual weight was not revealed in court.

At Solomon’s sentencing, Judge Zohrab said he was in hospital as a result of complications from morbid obesity – including an infection and a back injury.

He jailed Solomon to Burwood Hospital until he?reached a healthy weight.?

Solomon’s lawyer Andrew McKenzie?said his client’s weight had reduced from 300kg to 168kg in the past 12 months.

“Contrary to media reports that Solomon was in hospital due to his weight, this was not the case.”

He said a?table or bed Solomon was on?collapsed, knocking a?vertebrae which then became infected and required surgery. End quote.

If he wasn’t so bloody fat he wouldn’t have collapsed the table or bed now would he? So, of course he’s in hospital as a result of massive weight.?Quote:

He will remain in hospital for several months,?McKenzie said.

“He can’t even sit up in his hospital bed at the moment.”

Earlier,?Stuff?reported Solomon’s hospital care was costing?$1250 a day?but McKenzie said the cost of security would also be considerable.

Two Corrections staff were minding Solomon at all times with six guards employed to cover each 24 hour period, McKenzie said.

Corrections paid about $300 to $400 per person per shift, McKenzie said.

Using?these figures, the estimated total taxpayer spend on Solomon’s hospital stay would be $3050 ? $3650 including the average daily hospital care rate.?End quote.

A diet of good old-fashion prison fare like bread and water might be helpful to this fat rapist.