Petition of Connor Sharp: Expand protections related to freedom of speech to prevent de-platforming

This is a very important petition that you can sign online.

Politicians love to duck difficult issues but Parliament needs to confront the erosion of freedom of speech on public premises.

-David Seymour

We need ten thousand?signatures to be taken seriously.

The Maryan Street petition got almost nine thousand signatures and there was an enquiry.

PLEASE sign the petition and then share it widely as this is a vitally important issue and we want the government to sit up and take notice.

The Petition asks:

That the House of Representatives pass legislation increasing protection for freedom of expression so that if a speaker is denied access to government facilities for their event then clear and transparent reasons must be given.

Please sign the petition here and then share it widely with friends and family.

There are no guarantees but it will be a lot harder for the government to refuse a ten thousand signature petition? than a one thousand signature one