Plastic bags: let’s revolt

It hasn’t all been plain sailing for the “Ban the Bag” crusade, with customers in Australian supermarkets taking the news very badly. In some cases, staff are threatened, and in one case, even throttled… although I find it hard to understand how anyone can get quite so worked up over a plastic bag. Only in Australia, eh?

The Independent?reports that customers are not taking the ban lying down.?quote:

In a survey of supermarket workers this week, out of 132 who responded, 57 (43 per cent) said they had suffered abuse because of the plastic bag ban.

“I work at Woolies and have already been abused countless times; it’s not our fault,” staff member?Lauren McGowan told

There have also been reports of customers stealing handfuls of bags before the ban. end quote.

Reminds me of this.

We have already suggested setting up a co-operative to sell illegal plastic bags. quote:

Another shopper said she saw a woman steal a big bunch of plastic bags from a self-checkout at Coles ahead of the ban.

Consumer complaints forced the Woolworths chain to reverse a charge for reusable bags, and is now offering them free for a week. end quote.

Free bags for a week. That will save all those turtles, won’t it?

It makes no sense to me to ban plastic bags, ostensibly so that the oceans are not polluted with plastic, but to then offer to sell customers bags for a small charge. They are still plastic. And they may still end up in the oceans. Charging for them does not make the plastic go away.

Makes a big difference to the supermarkets’ bottom line though.

I have heard, through the Whaleoil grapevine, that supermarkets that have implemented the ban already are losing customers to those that have not. But, it is only a matter of time before they have all bowed to the great Green god, Eugenie.

But Cam, the Boss, has come up with a brilliant idea for those of us in New Zealand to make a point about the plastic bag ban here too.

When buying a few items at a supermarket yesterday, he was offered a plastic bag – at a small charge, of course.

He declined and took the items back to the car in the green supermarket basket.

I think that’s brilliant. Especially if you use the ones with wheels.

And then, when you’ve finished, simply place the basket in the trolley park and drive home. Don’t take it back to the store – they employ people for that.

I’m going to do this. Game on, Whaleoilers.

And remember. Always keep it Green.