PM is not entirely progressive

Whaleoilers will be among the many millions who celebrated, not for the first time, the fact that a woman is capable of leading a nation. Our Prime Minister follows in the footsteps of such legendary female ground-breakers as Wu Zetian in China, Indira Gandhi in India, Margaret Thatcher in the UK and our very own Jenny Shipley.

Having thrust herself forward forcefully to the leadership of the Labour Party, and winning voter support not too far short of the National Party’s, Jacinda’s place in history is secure. It is unfortunate, however, that on certain matters she sends mixed signals.? ?

In February she ordered the Minister of Justice, Andrew Little, to make abortion a health issue and not a crime issue. Jacinda obviously recognizes a foetus as a growth in a woman’s body and not, as some patriarchal bigots describe it, an ?unborn child?. It is most unfortunate, therefore, that in announcing her pregnancy some months back she did not speak out against smears by some of the media that she was ?having a baby?. The males remaining in the media are obviously lacking in femininist awareness and they need to be called to heel. That, one would have thought, would have been Jacinda’s response to media abuse, but no such response was evident.

Jacinda’s non-feminist failings again became evident when she, possibly in connivance with her partner, named her offspring Neve Te Aroha. There is nothing problematic about naming your child after the town in which you were born (thank heavens she was not born in Palmerston North) but the name Neve is hardly appropriate for the child of a progressive Prime Minister. It is definitely a female name, while there is as yet no reason to assume that her baby is female. The child’s gender will not be evident for another three or four years, when the toddler will make an informed choice. There is no way a newly born baby can make such a choice, and there is no way a parent should make the choice for them. Perhaps Jacinda was unduly influenced by her partner, who by all accounts identifies as a male.

It gets worse. There is now a move by some obscure Labour MP to force employers to give women, and presumably transgender men, ?bereavement leave? when they have a miscarriage. This is patently, palpably and obviously a blatant attempt to impose personhood on a clump of cells generating in a woman’s or transgender man’s womb. This is absolutely contrary to the feminist agenda yet Jacinda, as the captain, has allowed a Labour MP (who presents as female!) to introduce such a bill.

Who knows where such a transgression against feminism will end? It is up to all right-thinking women, or c**** as they prefer to be called, to require the Prime Minister to rule out the patriarchal oppression of women from wherever it originates. Especially from the New Zealand Labour Party.