Prime Minister denies NZ is hostile to free speech

Newshub poll: Should far right speakers Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern have been allowed into New Zealand?

Our Prime Minister Ms Ardern is back from maternity leave, and has wasted no time at all lying to the media about how we think.? This from Skynews: ? Quote: ?

NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has welcomed the cancellation of a planned event featuring right-wing activists Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern.

The pair, who are ardent critics of Islam, multiculturalism and some facets of gender theory, were due to speak at Auckland?s Powerstation but the event was cancelled at late notice after the venue was revealed on social media.

The right-wing activists have spent the past month travelling through Australia on a speaking tour that has been met with violent clashes between police and protestors.

Ms Southern says the cancellation shows New Zealand is ?hostile? to free speech. Ms Ardern rejected the characterisation, saying her country is not ?hostile? to free speech, but ?hostile? to Ms Southern?s views.? End of quote.

That is a complete lie and Ms Ardern has absolutely no right to make that statement on behalf of the country.

The country is not ‘hostile’ to Ms Southern’s views.

A Newshub poll shows 77% of the people surveyed supported Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux coming to New Zealand.? While it is a small sample size, 77% is an overwhelming majority.

New Zealanders wanted to hear what they had to say. ?New Zealanders wanted to listen to them, have an open debate, and form their own opinions about what was said.

Sadly they were shut down by a small minority of vocal nasty bullies that seem incapable of understanding what free speech actually means.

Free speech means everyone has the right to say whatever they like, about whatever subject they like, as long as they don’t deliberately incite violence. ?You don?t have to agree with what is said.? You don?t have to like what is said.

You don?t even have to listen to what is said. ?The only thing you must do is allow it to be said.

But because a faction of this country had already decided they didn’t agree with the speakers, they denied everyone else’s right to listen.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

There is nothing at all to be proud of.

What has happened is shameful, and I am fearful of where we are headed.

Because there is more to this.

In the ‘left-wing tabloid’, the NZ Herald, Andrew Little is also telling lies.? Quote:

Little said Molyneux and Southern “clearly have misled people” in trying to secure the Powerstation venue.

“That’s one kind of freedom of speech you don’t get to have and hold up with any kind of moral weight.”? End of quote.

If Andrew Little had made any effort at all to exercise his right to listen freely, and had bothered to watch the interview Lauren and Stefan gave after their event was cancelled, he would know that Powerstation did know who was speaking, and there was no attempt to mislead them.

It seems our government is determined to lie and mislead New Zealanders to shut down our right to free speech.