Prime minister refuses assistance for Kiwi mum

Abby Hartley has been in an induced coma in a Bali hospital and the insurance company they purchased medical cover from has refused to pay up.

Abby Hartley in ICU with her family in Bali. Photo Givealittle.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern recognises the troubles the family of Abby Hartley is facing in Bali but has stood firm on the government not helping, even though she admits the situation is deeply distressing. It must be a lot less distressing than the Nauru Island illegals Jacinda wants to bring to New Zealand. Quote.

Jacinda Ardern has said she supports the government in ignoring the plea of the family of a kiwi mum who became severely ill in Bali.?? End of quote.

David Seymour reckons the government should cut the money spent on wasteful projects and instead help bring Abby Hartley home. He says: quote.

Here are five examples of truly gobsmacking waste which could have been cut in order bring Ms Hartley back to New Zealand:

$500,000 for a nebulous and unnecessary Chief Technology Officer position
$250,000 for an Open Government and Government Digital Services Minister we don?t really need
$1 million for Victoria University to change its name because a few people confuse it with younger, poorer-quality universities
A $140,000 report which researched New Zealanders? attitudes to sport, and which found that being active keeps them physically fit and healthy
$1.1 million for the State Services Commission?s gold-plated office fit out.
“The Government has created culture of excess. It means that there is less taxpayer money to care for New Zealanders in their time of need.” End of quote.

I couldn?t agree more. To David?s list let?s add the millions of dollars, (rising all the time), being spent to recover the bodies of the 29 Pike River employees from the Pike River mine. Why? It would be better to donate this money to the families that were left behind without a breadwinner.

In Hartley?s case, the family and the insurance company are silent on the reasons for turning down the insurance claim so the most likely reason is that Hartley?s twisted bowel is a pre-existing condition.? Quote.

?She was rushed to hospital in Nusa Dua, Denpasar, where she has been in ICU.

Hartley suffered a twisted bowel, which has impacted on blood flow. She required emergency surgery and, despite the success of the operation, she went on to develop acute respiratory distress syndrome.
Doctors were forced to put her into an induced coma and Harley has been receiving oxygen through a respirator.

She’s also struggled with a collapsed lung following a severe chest infection and has been in hospital since August 1.

Her daughter Sophie set up a Givealittle page hope to raise funds to pay her mum’s hospital bill.
“Our mum is fighting for her life in ICU in a hospital in Bali and unfortunately insurance company is refusing to cover any medical costs,” Sophie said.

“After a very long and stressful battle with the insurance company they have made the final decision to not cover any medical costs therefore we have been left with a very expensive medical bill.? End of quote.

Thankfully, Kiwis have donated more than $210,000 to the Givealittle page.

The government has stepped in so many times to help our Pacific Island neighbours get back on their feet after natural disasters so why can?t they help one New Zealand family in this awful situation? Where is the compassion? This government is letting us down but the Kiwi response to the Givealittle plea makes me proud to be a Kiwi.