Proper Greens challenge the Gunts over waka jumping bill

Sue Bradford and Jeanette Fitzsimons are showing quite a bit more integrity than the current crop of Gunts: Quote:

Green Party co-founder and former leader Jeanette Fitzsimons still wants the party to pull their support for the Waka Jumping bill ? but says she has hit a “brick wall”.

Former MP Sue Bradford told?The Nation?this morning she wanted this weekend’s annual Green Party conference to pass a motion forbidding the party from backing the bill.

The Green MPs?are still planning to reluctantly vote for the Waka Jumping bill at third reading. The bill would allow party leaders to banish MPs from Parliament if two thirds of the caucus agreed they should go.

The Green Party have historically campaigned against such bills but say their Confidence and Supply agreement with Labour forces them to vote for the bill, despite the fact the law is not mentioned in that agreement but is instead part of the coalition agreement between Labour and NZ First.?End quote.

The current party is lying about the confidence and supply agreement with Labour. It has been proven to be a lie.?Quote:

Fitzsimons has made her opposition to the bill clear in the past. She said it would “be great” if the conference passed a motion forbidding the MPs from supporting the bill, but she didn’t think this was likely.

“It would be great if [a motion was passed] but I think we have tried?everything we can try and we have been met by a brick wall.?I think we have to move on.”

“I’m?disappointed?in that decision that was made but I’m not going to dwell on it for the rest of my life,” Fitzsimons said.

Fitzsimons said there were?tensions to be worked through?at the conference, but she was proud of the work the party had done so far in Government.


Fitzsimons said the party had to be careful about tradeoffs on issues like Waka Jumping.

You have to be really careful about tradeoffs ? that you don’t trade off core principles against policy gains are of a different nature.

The opposition to the party hopping bill now is because it’s wrong. It’s because it denies MPs basic freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of thought ? it’s contrary to the bill of rights and to our policy.

Fitzsimons doesn’t believe the Government would fall apart if the Greens pulled their support for the bill.

I simply don’t buy the line that Jacinda [Ardern] and [Winston]?Peters would say ‘oh we don’t want to be Government any more so let’s let it all collapse because we didn’t get this bill through.’ I mean?really?End quote.

She’s got a point, but sadly, I don’t think anyone is listening inside the Gunt party.