Public health officials’ zealotry costing taxpayers plenty

MidCentral District Health Board medical officer of health Dr Rob Weir

Public health officials have become a law unto themselves, and they are costing taxpayers plenty in legal costs while losing every case they take.

Stuff reports on the latest interference by wowserish health officials: Quote:

Public health money wasted?on a High Court challenge against a?supermarket’s shelving arrangement for?alcohol should have been spent helping ill patients, critics say.

Fourteen?health boards throughout the country collectively?paid?nearly?$90,000 in legal fees to?try to stop Dannevirke New World changing the angle of?shelves inside?its?already?licensed?alcohol area. They lost the case.

MidCentral District Health Board?medical officer of health Rob Weir?started the process because?he was?concerned shoppers?outside the alcohol area were more exposed to products?in the alcohol section after?two large shelves?were turned on a diagonal angle?and two smaller plinths added. The case was important as a test to help define the limits of new alcohol laws,?he told?Stuff.?End quote.

Why doesn’t he mind his own business instead of costing small business owners heaps in legal fees defending a legal jihad from wowsers? Quote:

But the $90,000 cost of the challenge has?only just been revealed?after an Official Information Act request.?

It was staggering to see the cost of the case?when?DHBs claimed to be underfunded and in desperate need of money for life-saving healthcare,?New Zealand?Alcohol Beverages Council executive director Nick Leggett said.

It’s a waste of public money and energy.?You would think officers of health would have better things to do than?spend $90,000 pursuing a small business that’s legally trading, over the angle of shelves, to the High Court.

I don’t think residents of Invercargill, Dunedin, Nelson, Canterbury should be paying for the High Court to test this.”

It was questionable how useful it would be as a?test case, he said.

“These sorts of precedents are academic, but how many hip replacements?could that have paid for, or how much retro-fitting of insulation.

“I’d much rather it was put into?[alcohol]?education campaigns in local districts.”? End quote.

But, it gets worse. I know of one health board that is refusing to release information requested under the Official Information Act on the basis that the requestor was in the book Dirty Politics. It is illegal, and obstructive, but they don’t care. They know it will take months for the ombudsman to act.

The public health wowsers are control freaks and they think nothing of spending other people’s money to push their wowserism and control agenda. They must be opposed vigorously at every level.