Rock out with your Proud Boys out

Caption: Get ready for the rivers of salt from the left: the Proud Boys are coming. Picture: New York Daily News.

The river of tears and tantrums from leftists has been a constant, cry-bullying whine here in the Antipodes for months. First Milo, then Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux, have sent mainstream media scrambling to come up with new ways of screeching ?Nazi!?, and got hundreds of malnourished soy boys out of their parents? spare rooms and into the streets.

But Antifa, who?ve got more used to getting away with riotous assembly than an African street gang, might be in for a shock: the Proud Boys are coming to town. Quote:

Gavin McInnes is heading down under to ?recruit soldiers?.

The British-born Canadian comedian and founder of the pro-Trump men?s rights group The Proud Boys ? whose members are notorious for engaging in street brawls with left-wing Antifa protesters ? is the latest right-wing commentator to set his sights on Australia. End of quote.

Like everyone else to the right of Mao and Marx, McInnes and his followers have been targeted by the Great Purge. Quote:

McInnes and The Proud Boys were banned from Twitter earlier this month for being ?violent extremists? ahead of the second anniversary of the deadly Unite the Right neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. End of quote.

This despite McInnes and the Proud Boys openly urging people to avoid both Charlottesville and the second Unite the Right rally, specifically because of the likely presence of neo-Nazis. Their Twitter ban was really about silencing threats to the Silicon Valley leftist hegemony. Quote:

?Silicon Valley and the Left has declared war on Free Speech. We’re declaring war on them, says McInnes.

?Why Australia? It?s the last vestige of masculinity in the free world, I?m coming to recruit soldiers for the war on censorship.? End of quote.

McInnes came of age in the same hardcore punk milieu that I did. As he says, ?a lot of the punk ethos was about rejecting authority and thinking for yourself?. Unfortunately, most of our peers from that era are frozen in time, spouting the same left-wing platitudes that they?ve been parroting since 1983. But, like some of us, McInnes has realised that to be anti-establishment today is to challenge the leftist hegemony. As Steve Sailer first wrote back in 2016, the Trump Train is ?political punk rock?. Quote:

Organisers say McInnes? is ?known for his raucous and irreverent take on the world and controversial, no holds barred opinions?, with his ?brash, comedic style of commentary? earning him ?millions of fans?. End of quote.

Of course, mainstream ?journalists? will be furiously typing ?alt-right? until their fingers fall off, but that?s arrant nonsense (Ok, I know: arrant nonsense is pretty much a given, in mainstream journalism, these days). But the fact remains that the alt-right is defined, above all else, by ethnonationalism. Neither Lauren Southern nor Stefan Molyneux is ?alt-right?, no matter how often the mainstream media repeat the lie. McInnes is also an odd choice for an alt-righter, given that his in-laws are Native American.

The Proud Boys are a multi-racial group, whose cause is Western Chauvenism, not ethnonationalism. ??Western chauvinist? includes all races, religions, and sexual preferences,? their manifesto forthrightly states. ?The basic tenet of the group is that we are ?Western chauvinists who refuse to apologize for creating the modern world.?? Quote:

[Promoter] Damien Costas said allegations that McInnes was a white supremacist were ?nonsense?.

?These people are not white supremacists, they?re western supremacists, they believe in the great values that built the western world,? he said. ?Free speech is the cornerstone of western civilisation.

?Anyone to the right of Chairman Mao is a fascist by the standards of the New Left. The problem is words like Nazi and fascist have been misappropriated and reappropriated by the modern left to suit their purposes, to shut down debate.

?It?s far easier to shut debate down than argue it out. They don?t have an argument. Every minority group in history has seen free speech as their greatest ally because it is the means through which they argue against their oppression. End of quote.

Like Southern and Molyneux, Costas was slapped with a massive bill from Victoria Police, for the basic police function of keeping public order and protecting law-abiding citizens from violent paramilitaries. Quote:

?As far as Gavin McInnes is concerned, the man is a comedian who makes fairly politically incorrect points, but he?s a comedian nonetheless. If we?re going to be charging for police presence for a comedian, God help us.? End of quote.