Rodney Hide deals to Jacinda

Our wonderful prime minister is so strong on business and the economy that she insists that she knows better than business leaders and that there is no reason for them to be downcast. The economy is doing just fine. She knows this, and she just refuses to accept any other view, because… she knows this.

Well, Rodney Hide, writing for the NBR (sorry, it is behind a paywall, so not much point in putting up a link) happens to disagree with her. quote:

Memo to the PM: Leave business alone

The Prime Minister has crashed my confidence in the new government to a new low, says Rodney Hide.

Jacinda Ardern said it herself on becoming prime minister: ?Capitalism?s ? a blatant failure.?

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern had this to say just before returning to work: ?I absolutely believe our agenda will build the economy, will make sure businesses are in a position to grow and prosper because I need that economic growth to be able to lift the wellbeing of all New Zealanders.?

With those words the prime minister collapsed my confidence in the new government to a new low. end quote.

And mine. And every thinking person, who knows how capitalism has raised literally millions of people out of poverty, but at the same time, socialism has driven millions of people into poverty and despair. Quote:

The prime minister doesn’t just ?believe” her agenda will build the economy, she ?absolutely believes” it will.

Memo to Jacinda Ardern: The depth of your belief is not what counts. It’s what you do that matters. end quote.

Lots of people believed that the earth was flat. How did that work out? quote:

The ban on oil and gas exploration, proposed changes to labour law, and ramshackle political management add to costs and business uncertainty.

That?s what?s causing business confidence to slump. end quote.

Well, it is certainly having an effect. But Jacinda knows better, of course. quote:

Indeed, stating you ?absolutely believe? your policies are good for business only deepens the worry.

Good policy is not achieved by feeling and believing but by analysis and understanding.

Putting the costs up of employing people means fewer people employed.

Banning an industry without advice or understanding spooks investors. Chaotic and incoherent government erodes confidence. end quote.

Unlike Jacinda, I have been in business. Everything that the government does affects your prospects. Employment law, taxation policy, trade agreements… everything that affects the economy affects business. Everything. quote:

Your fervent belief in policies that are causing angst only reinforces the view you lack understanding and won?t listen and learn. Instead of ?absolutely believing,??better that you acknowledge, at least, that there?s been some bumps and that your dictate banning oil and gas exploration wasn?t policymaking at its finest.

That would be helpful.?To believe that policies bad for business are ?absolutely? good for business is not comforting.

The policies are bad enough but to learn you think they are good, suggests more are to come. end quote.

And Grant Robertson still bats away all claims about plummeting business confidence as business hating Labour governments. They probably do, but if this one is anything to go by, there is a good reason for that. quote:

And while I am it, businesses are not labouring away in the marketplace for your benefit. You saying that you ?need that economic growth to be able to lift the wellbeing of all New Zealanders? suggests everyone is working and investing for a return that you are going to grab for your political objectives.

The building of the economy should be the ends, not the means to a political purpose.

Why should people work and invest, if their proceeds are to be used by you?? Indeed, how can government invest a dollar taken from business better than that business would?

It can?t, of course.

And we are back to why business confidence is down.?Your government doesn?t understand business, doesn?t think it works, and believes that regional development, housing, tree planting, and just about everything else, need money taken from business, channelled through government and dished out by politicians.

You said it yourself on becoming prime minister: ?Capitalism?s ? a blatant failure.?

The only surprise is that there is surprise at the slump in business confidence and that it hasn’t slumped lower. end quote.

Rodney, you are completely correct, but like the rest of us, you are bashing your head against a brick wall, because Jacinda knows best. Unlike Helen Clark, who started out with a winter of discontent in the year 2000, Jacinda is too arrogant to back down. She is destroying the business sector in this country, and she doesn’t care. Actually, let me rephrase that. She truly doesn’t know it.

We used to have a wonderful country that punched above its weight in just about everything it did. Now, thanks to this government, and mostly to Jacinda, we are in serious trouble. We can’t build enough houses. We attack businesses that provide jobs and exports. She has even been so insightful as to say that we are still doing better than Venezuela. Gee. Aren’t we lucky?

If our prime minister is comparing us to Venezuela, instead of Australia, Britain, France and the US, we really are in trouble. But here we are. Whatever else did you expect? Comrades?

Credit: Luke