Rotherham grooming gang survivor speaks out

And what she has to say is terrifying.

This article was published a few months ago by?The Independent, and it should strike fear in the hearts of everyone who is concerned about Islamic immigration into Western countries. It is a story that needs to be heard if we do not want New Zealand to go the same way as Britain and Europe. quote:

I?m a Rotherham grooming gang survivor. I call myself a survivor because I?m still alive. I?m part of the UK?s?largest ever?child sexual abuse investigation.

As a teenager, I was taken to various houses and flats above takeaways in the north of England, to be beaten, tortured and raped over 100 times. I was called a ?white slag? and ?white c***? as they beat me. end quote.

There is Marama’s favourite word again. Her stupidity makes me so angry. quote:

They made it clear that because I was a non-Muslim, and not a virgin, and because I didn?t dress ?modestly?, that they believed I deserved to be ?punished?. They said I had to ?obey? or be beaten.

Fear of being killed, and threats to my parents? lives, made it impossible for me to escape for about a year. The police didn?t help me. end quote.
No, they wouldn’t. They are too afraid of being seen as racist to actually help innocent teenage girls caught up in these sex rings. After all, what is 100 or so rapes by comparison to being called a racist? quote:

In mainland Europe, conflict surrounding immigrants and refugees has been fuelled by stories of women being raped by migrants. People have been calling for violent attacks against ?any Muslims? and have declared ?war on Islam?.

Islamophobic online hate and personal attacks occur every day. In response, anti-fascist groups and the ?far left? have?carried out their own violent attacks?on groups they perceive to comprise ?white supremacists? or ?Nazis?. end quote.

Yes. Those that want to actually do something about these callous crimes are labelled as Nazis. Just think about that for a second. quote:

As someone who has experienced life inside a grooming gang, I can tell you with certainty that none of this is likely to make any difference to the behaviours of groomers. Like terrorists, they firmly believe that the crimes they carry out are justified by their religious beliefs. end quote.

We have all heard of people who claim that ‘the voices’ told them to commit crimes, but we always dismiss such people as nutters. This is not quite so easy to dismiss. quote:

If anything, rising anti-Muslim hate will probably make groomers stronger in their convictions, and drive ordinary young Muslim men towards fundamentalism, grooming gangs and terrorism. The camaraderie, protection, money, and kudos that these groups offer, makes them a strong pull for anyone. Worryingly, several young men I have spoken to joke that being a gangster and going to jail are their ?life goals?. end quote.

So it is a sort of organised crime in the name of Allah? And we know from Tommy Robinson’s experiences that Muslims ‘own’ some of the prisons in the UK.?quote:

However big or small the problem of grooming gang crime is, it is?big enough to warrant national concern, not only because of the severity of crimes, but because of the degree of terror and threats to life involved. This really does devastate lives, families and communities. We don?t even talk about the non-survivors. end quote.

We should, because they are murder victims and isn’t murder still the worst crime in our civilised society? quote:

In November 2017, the Swedish government held a meeting where they stated that: ?Sexual violence is being used as a tactic of terrorism?, and as such,?it was recognised?as a threat to Sweden?s national security.

Religious indoctrination is a big part of the process of getting young men involved in grooming gang crime. Religious ideas about purity, virginity, modesty and obedience are taken to the extreme until horrific abuse becomes the norm. It was taught to me as a concept of ?othering?.

“White girls and non-Muslim girls are bad because you dress like slags. You show the curves of your bodies (showing the gap between your thighs means you?re asking for it) and therefore you?re immoral. White girls sleep with hundreds of men. You are the?other?girls. You are worthless and you deserve to be gang-raped.?

I experienced horrific, religiously sanctioned sexual violence and torture ? so I definitely believe that we need to be aware of religious extremism as something potentially harmful, so that we can protect people from it.

Most grooming gang survivors I know absolutely condemn anti-Islamic hate, and we?re uncomfortable with English Defence League protests. We certainly don?t want random attacks on ?all Muslims?. You can?t cure harm with more harm. Free-thinking men from Pakistani Muslim backgrounds, like Nazir Afzal, agree, and many deal with all of this incredibly graciously. end quote.

Now, that was a surprise. For someone who has been through such harrowing experiences, her generosity of spirit is both admirable and humbling. I’m not sure I would feel the same way in similar circumstances. quote:

As a Rotherham grooming gang survivor, I am told that both child protection services and the prosecution of offenders is improving in most areas. But frustratingly, prevention hasn?t really begun.

I witnessed the ways young men are groomed to become perpetrators by older grooming gang members. It?s very similar to the tactics used in grooming for terrorism, with love-bombing, emotive language (?brother?, ?cuz?, ?blud?), and promises of wealth and fame, then humiliation, controlling with guilt and shame, training with weapons, and instilling hate and fear of outsiders.

Grooming gang crime is upheld by religious extremism. Like Sweden, we must officially recognise this, and work to curb extremist preaching, teach religious counter-narratives, give gendered extremism education and deliver quality relationships education. We need a careful, considered approach that is respectful of the human rights of everyone. end quote.

She should be admired both for speaking out and for trying to see a way forward to protect others. But for many, the call of any type of gang is strong. The real problem here is that the authorities have done very little to try to stop this behaviour, and have done almost nothing to try to bring the perpetrators to justice. It has gone on for decades.

As harrowing a story as it is, the message that she gives is essentially one of hope. Clearly, she has not given up on life, and she wants to help the authorities to find a way to stop this type of behaviour from happening. I wish I shared her optimism. Because, as I said before, it seems that these days, particularly when it comes to those in authority, the worst crime of all is to be racist.

Until that attitude changes, there is no way of moving forward.

She is to be admired. But what will happen now is anyone’s guess. I don’t hold out much hope for a resolution,or a better life for many of these people. There needs to be radical change, and it wont happen anytime soon.

But kudos to her for her attitude. I only hope she can find peace.