Sales and Marketing 101 and the Southern/Molyneux Brand

A guest post by The Undertaker

I used to live in Australia.? Woolworths is a grocery chain in Australia.? They run a house brand called ?Home Brand?.? Home Brand, in most cases, offers a cheaper generic product to branded items.? Not to dissimilar to Foodstuffs ?Pam?s? branding.

Home Brand offered tinned Asparagus back in the 80s.? I was quite partial to tinned Asparagus rolled in soft white bread or cooked in a chicken dish.? Our nickname for Asparagus was ?sparrow guts.?

Anyway, these Home Brand Asparagus were exceptionally good.? Incredibly tender.? Alternative Aussie branded items were inferior being tough and stringy.? Watties branded Asparagus was also on the shelf and relatively expensive.? However, I noticed that the tin size for the Watties Asparagus and the Home Brand Asparagus were the same size.? The tin was a little unusual as it had a smaller circumference than your usual can.? On closer inspection I noted that the Home Brand product was made in New Zealand.? It dawned on me that my Home Brand Asparagus was the same Asparagus as the Watties brand, just heaps cheaper.??

How can this be?? The answer is simple. Branding. Branding and achieving brand recognition is an incredibly expensive exercise, usually.? Huge money is spent on developing and promoting a brand. The expense is ongoing. The trade off is that once a brand is established it is incredibly valuable as it generates revenue, ongoing revenue not fly by night revenue. Yet a brand has very little that is tangible. There are registered trademarks, maybe copyright in design or possibly some patents.

Apple just set the record for the world?s most valuable company…ever.? One trillion dollars (think Dr Evil and go woo haa haa haa).? It is the brand ?Apple? that holds basically all of that value. All the product is tied back to the brand and is unable to be produced without it.? And if you try to copy it all hell will break loose starting with a cease and desist letter from a very large law firm.

With the potential value of a brand and the cost of establishing that value the marketing mind invariably turns to how to get the best value from advertising.? After all advertising is the main means by which to build a brand, but certainly not the only means.? Is there a way to leverage a brand and its advertising at low cost?

Introducing ?California Girls? a knock shop in Hamilton.? Back in around 2001 California Girls sponsored the Waikato University Easter Tourney sports teams.? This included setting the team up with kit. ?The shirts provided had the slogan ?California Girls ? Get Shagged in Horny Hamilton.?? On the face of it this sponsorship advertising would have been relatively inexpensive.? It also would have very limited coverage ? young men and women, most in their 20?s who would be unlikely to be the target demographic for a knock shop.? What was needed was a bunch of useful idiots to magnify the advertising a bit.? Step in the Student Union and every alt-left group on campus.? Outrage ensued.? Nexus, the student magazine, ran stories over a number of editions.? Coverage went outside of the University to mainstream media, probably even international media.

Bang for buck (pun intended).? Did the advertising guru at California Girls count on this when deciding to sponsor the Waikato team?? I reckon they did.? Free widespread ongoing advertising beyond a modest initial sponsorship spend.? What was the most amusing thing for me was how the alt left willingly became a tool for the capitalist system, promoting a commodity and assisting in maximising the profit of the owner of the means of production.? Personally, I understand there will always be demand for the type of services a knock shop offers, however, I would not want to be involved in promoting that commodity.? The alt-left factions engaged in promoting California Girls, I think, would be less amenable to promoting it than me.? Yet they did.

Who knew who Lauren Southern or Stefan Molyneux were, say six months ago?? I had heard of them but had not watched any videos.? I would say very few people in New Zealand knew who they were.? Thanks to the alt-left, brand ?Southern/Molyneux? has been promoted nationwide.? Not just that, it has been promoted free of charge in prime spots in the nightly news, on nearly every radio station across the land and even by politicians, thanks Phil.? Brand exposure an advertising guru can only dream of.

Yes, the alt-left managed to close down one public meeting.? However, what they unwittingly did was engage in the capitalist machine to promote brand ?Southern/Molyneux.?? So, while the meeting was closed down poor old Uncle Google has been inundated with ?Southern Molyneux? searches leading viewers to video footage.? The internet, another great capitalist invention that ensure free speech.? Brand ?Southern/Molyneux? has grown and achieved a hugely wider audience at a relatively low cost.

Every alt-left group should be embraced (from afar, a virtual hug).? While they are distasteful and hypocrites their immense value in promoting capitalism, a free and democratic society and free speech should not be underestimated.? And cheap?

The Undertaker