Latest Whaleoil products

Mocking the Green party’s stupid ideas is both fun and effective.

  • They are BANNING?useful plastic bags
  • They are BANNING your beloved pet cat
  • And to top it off co-leader Marama Davidson is promoting the word C*nt!

It is enough to drive our digital team to design greatness.

Here are some of the new Whaleoil products created so far.

Design credit: Technomage

You can buy your very own Gunts 100% bull denim cotton grocery bag here.

Design credit: Technomage

You can buy the Gunts cotton canvas Tote bag here.

Design credit: Technomage

This Gunts?Men’s Tee design has proved very popular.

*If you would like a Woman’s tee with this design added to the store please let me know.?

Design credit: Technomage

Above is a No Cats design just for the ladies in a Women’s Tee. You can buy one here.

Design credit: Technomage

Here is a slightly different No Cat design just for the men. You can buy one for yourself here.

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