Setting the record straight about Julie Anne Genter

It has been brought to my attention that a lady rang Leighton Smith this morning to talk?about how hypocritical it was of Julie Anne Genter to ride her bike and carry a plastic bag on the handlebars.

It is likely that she was referring to a digital image first published on Whaleoil as part of an article by Christie.

Digital image by Pixy

When we publish a digitally altered image on its own the headline clearly identifies it as a digital or photoshopped image of the day. We also always identify it as a digital or photoshopped image in the caption and give credit to the Whaleoil staff member who made it.

Below is the original image before Pixy altered it.

Original untouched image

Here is the plastic bag that was added to the image along with a helmet that is a watermelon!

Original photo of the plastic bag

It appears that there are still many people who believe their eyes and don’t understand satirical images or that a photo can be altered. We want to continue to use satirical images but we are now working on how to make it 100% clear that the images have been altered.

We are looking into creating a watermark that will be applied to all Whaleoil digital images in the future so that even if the image is taken and used by someone else it will still be clear that it is not an original image.

Please, dear readers, do not believe everything you see and read our photo captions carefully. If a photo has been altered we will always tell you. Julie Anne Genter is guilty of many things but not of using a plastic bag on her bike, wearing a watermelon as a helmet or using a countdown basket as a pannier bag to carry her newborn baby.