Sledge of the day

Simon Bridges wins Sledge of the day for this ripper:?Quote:

Simon Bridges: I ask again: why did her Government prioritise $2.8 billion for a fees-free tertiary policy that isn’t delivering any extra students over additional funding for teachers’ pay? [Interruption]

Mr?SPEAKER: Order! Order! The Prime Minister will sit down. I saw what I’m taking to be a response?am I right?

Simon?Bridges: From me?

Mr SPEAKER: Was the member responding to a similar?Well, I’m hearing some people saying yes and some people saying no.

Gerry Brownlee: I raise a point of order, Mr Speaker.

Mr SPEAKER: The Hon Gerry Brownlee will, I’m sure, help me.

Gerry Brownlee: Thank you. I think what the Leader of the Opposition was doing was suggesting to Grant Robertson that this is not instruction time.

Mr SPEAKER: Can I ask?first of all I’m going to ask the Hon Grant Robertson: did he do a finger-pointing exercise?

Honourable Members: No.

Simon Bridges: I raise a point of order, Mr Speaker.

JACINDA ARDERN: I raise a point of order, Mr Speaker.

Mr SPEAKER: I’ll hear Simon Bridges.

Simon Bridges: I was anticipating an answer from the ventriloquist.

Mr SPEAKER: Right, that member will now stand, withdraw, and apologise. End quote.

Nice sledge, which prompted a rather nasty exchange shortly thereafter from Chris Hipkins: Quote:

Simon Bridges: I withdraw and apologise.

Chris Hipkins: That was offensive?chauvinistic pig.

Mr SPEAKER: Order! Mr Hipkins. Mr Hipkins will now stand, withdraw, and apologise.

Chris Hipkins: I apologise for calling the Leader of the Opposition a chauvinistic pig.

Mr SPEAKER: As a result of that non-withdrawal, the Opposition will have an extra five questions. That withdrawal will now be made in accordance with the Standing Orders.

Chris Hipkins: I withdraw and apologise.?End quote.

Chris Hipkins is looking a little bit nervous, perhaps it is because he is being named around Wellington as the leaker of Simon Bridges details.