Some pesky science to upset the bag ban


Jacinda Ardern and the Greens want to ban what they call single use plastic bags.

Here’s some inconvenient facts that may cause them to re-think their nanny state behaviour: Quote:

Recently, many jurisdictions have implemented bans or imposed taxes upon plastic grocery bags on environmental grounds. San Francisco County was the first major US jurisdiction to enact such a regulation, implementing a ban in 2007. There is evidence, however, that reusable grocery bags, a common substitute for plastic bags, contain potentially harmful bacteria. We examine emergency room admissions related to these bacteria in the wake of the San Francisco ban. We find that ER visits spiked when the ban went into effect. Relative to other counties, ER admissions increase by at least one fourth, and deaths exhibit a similar increase. End quote.

I don’t think these muppets have thought anything through.

From the get go they think that most Kiwi voters want the government deciding how we carry our groceries home. Then they think that these bags are used only once. Then they don’t think that people will have to replace these bags with other single use bags, and now it seems there is evidence that their decision might actually kill people.

I’m seriously thinking of offering to sell large supplies of plastic bags and turtle snorkels to readers. I had a milkshake the other day and the cafe had these horrible paper straws. I asked for a turtle snorkel, but they didn’t have any. I won’t be going back to that cafe.