Soon there will be a ‘50% women’ quota for the All Blacks

Credit: Luke
All inclusive All Blacks

Watch out New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern is coming for your rugby.? Quote:?

Rugby needs to be more inclusive, particularly of women, to be fully deserving of the title of New Zealand’s national sport, the Prime Minister says.? End of quote.

You?re a bit late Jacinda. Rugby is already our national sport.? Quote:

Talking to a packed conference room at New Zealand Rugby’s first ever Women in Governance Conference in central Auckland this morning, Jacinda Ardern said rugby needs to “be a game for everyone, and that includes women“.
“For me if rugby is going to include us as women it should represent us equally, and have a relationship with us equally, both as players and spectators, and that means, as it does with every area of life, including women fairly, giving women the opportunity to excel, paying them appropriately, and providing leadership opportunities,” Ms Ardern said.[?]? End of quote.

Um … she does know that we have the Black Ferns right?? Quote:

The Black Ferns are New Zealand’s senior women’s rugby team and the most dominant team in women’s rugby with Women’s Rugby World Cup titles in 1998, 2002 2006, 2010 and 2017. They have one of the best winning percentages in international rugby, with victory in close to 90 percent of their Tests.? End of quote.

So we have a women?s team and a men?s team, which represents us equally – women and men.? I?m sure if the alphabet people wanted to make up a National rugby team, they would be welcome to do so.? We could have an LGBTQI Players of Colour team.

The question would be, who would want to watch it?? Who would pay for broadcasting rights? Who would pay for advertising during their matches, and would they command the same fees as men?s rugby?

Because once again, our Prime Minister demonstrates her complete lack of understanding about supply and demand.

The All Blacks are paid appropriately based on the market – how big the crowd is that they can pull, both at the sports field and via television.? Because that’s what generates revenue in ticket sales, advertising and broadcasting rights.

I’m fully supportive of us having a women’s rugby team, but the reality is that the interest is just not there in the same way that it is for men’s rugby. I doubt it ever will be because rugby is a blokes sport, played by blokes, and watched mostly by blokes.? That’s just the way it is.

Unless she means … surely she couldn?t mean … not seriously … that the All Blacks should represent us equally?? Is she thinking about a 50/50 quota for the All Blacks ?

Well even I know that there are 15 players in a team.? How to solve that?? Maybe have 7 men and 7 women and 1 intersex.? Yes, I’m being completely ridiculous, because her stupid statements deserve to be mocked as the virtue signalling nonsense that they are.

But wait, there’s more, the cherry on the top of virtue signalling phrases: inclusiveness.? Quote:

[?] She called on rugby to use its “power, influence and reach” to promote inclusiveness of and respect for women across New Zealand – not just in sport – and said she hoped for a day when women’s sport was just called sport.

“[The Black Ferns] are incredible rugby players, they are incredible athletes, they are not incredible women rugby players, they are not incredible women athletes, they are just incredible rugby players and athletes,” Ms Ardern said.[?]? End of quote.

That’s a whole lot of incredibles in one sentence.? Perhaps we could chip in and buy her a thesaurus.

Enough frivolity, let’s put aside the players for a moment and tune our attention to the spectators?? She also said that rugby should have a relationship with us equally, both as players and spectators.

Oh no, what could that mean? Is she signalling that she means to apply quotas to the crowd, so the spectators are represented 50/50?

Will women be forced along to watch so we can put a check mark in the equality box?? Maybe you will only be allowed to buy a ticket for a couple, no singles allowed.? None of this going along with your mates for a night out, unless half of you are prepared to dress in drag.

Yes prime?minister, I can see that happening.