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While the media is busily pushing “Hothouse Earth” headlines and stuff about statistically proving it will get warmer based upon the ability to ‘predict’ the past, someone has dared ask a sensible question.

Why is it currently getting cooler?

In a very interesting exercise, reported on WattsUpWithThat?, Javier shows that a?most remarkable climate phenomenon is taking place under our very noses without anybody paying attention to it. Quote.

As nearly everybody knows, the planet is warming. Since its short-term rate of temperature change hasn?t changed much, the warming is essentially accomplished because the planet spends less time cooling than warming. Therefore, periods of cooling have become shorter and result in less cooling.

In the figure below, we can see the top 10 biggest periods of cooling in terms of temperature decrease since 1950. The data used is a 13-month centered average of the monthly HadCRUT 4.6 global dataset found here:

The date given is that of the month of maximum temperature when the cooling started, and the length in months is to the month of minimum temperature when the cooling ended.

Notice how the top four took place before 1975, during the El Ni?o?Southern Oscillation (ENSO) period dominated by La Ni?a conditions.

The data for the cooling period that started in 02/2016 (red in the figure) is provisional, as the cooling has not ended as of June 2018. If it continues for a few more months, it could easily make it to the top three.

The most remarkable thing is that every single top cooling period in the list has a reasonable explanation except the current one. Two of them are associated with the major volcanic eruptions of El Chichon and Pinatubo, and seven of them are associated with major La Ni?a events when the Multivariate ENSO Index (MEI) reached a standard deviation of -1 (see bottom panel in the figure).

Only the current cooling period remains there unexplained, without a big volcanic eruption and without a major La Ni?a event.

Climate scientists should be looking for a reason for this most interesting cooling instead of ignoring it.

Why is the planet cooling now?

Everybody can have their own favorite explanation. Personally, I see no other reasonable cause for the cooling but low solar activity.? End of quote.

But, hang on a minute; I have seen graphs that prove that the atmospheric CO2 levels are increasing.

How can there possibly be a cooling period since February 2016 when the atmospheric CO2 level keeps on increasing?

Are we not continually told that more CO2 equals more warming?

Are you telling me that James Shaw is shovelling bovine excrement with his Zero Carbon Act?

Cooling, huh?? Well, I never …