Systematic bullying and censorship in NZ

Brian Rogers

Credit: SonovaMin

Much has been said about the so-called ?controversial? Canadian speakers Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern.

The only decisive result from the saga is proof that New Zealand is infested with systematic bullying and censorship.

It stems from the top.

Before this belly-aching started, the average New Zealander had no idea who these two were, or what their message was. Probably still don?t.

But we have learnt, again, there are rules for some and not for others.

Freedom of Speech can apparently be shut down by anyone not wanting an alternative view aired.

I was not really interested in these people, their book or their views until a bunch of heavy-handed haters started telling me what I should and shouldn?t listen to.

That includes the Prime Minister, who despite being side-tracked with her poorly timed breeding programme, still managed to take a swipe against free speech.

Then it seemed more important to find out since someone was hell-bent on stopping us finding out for ourselves.

Ironically, the protests have been the best promotion the Canadians could ever get.

More attention

Many of you have told me you?ve since researched what Molyneux and Southern are saying since the furore broke out. Until then, no-one gave a toss. The protests have actually worked against the protesters.

It has raised invaluable attention and profile for the two speakers before they?ve even uttered a word on stage.

Protesters even stooped to bomb threats, so adamant that they should control other people?s rights to listen to varied viewpoints.

So what drives someone to such an act of terrorism? They must be very afraid of potential truths coming to light?

I?ve had a look and listen on the net to try to figure out what all the fuss is about. I know a lot of you out there have also done your own research.

To be fair, there wasn?t anything particularly outrageous that I could find from Molyneux and Southern.

Maybe I didn?t look hard enough. Some of it was unnecessary, and some of it I declined to view further. Isn?t that my right to do so?

I ended up more concerned that my rights to listen were under threat, rather than a potentially outrageous view being offered.

Goff and Ardern: I?m a big boy now, I can make up my mind.

Wet bus tickets

We?ve seen a lot more radical, rude, and hateful actions within New Zealand that have been wet-bus-ticketed, and even applauded as reasonable behaviour. Some of the worst, from so-called leaders in the community.

Firing a shotgun at the New Zealand flag at a public gathering; Declaration by a politician that he would never allow his daughter to date a white man; Law abiding spectators flour bombed at a rugby match; Constant separatist talk from those who seek further apartheid in this country.

Then there?s a certain music genre obsessed with violence, sexual assault, and derision of authority. There?s a whole lot more objectionable material dribbling out of these so-called artists than the Canadians could ever muster. If ever there was a movement that needed shutting down, it?s the ?F*** The Police? losers.

I didn?t care what the Canadians thought before; I don?t care now.


What has changed is, I?m more determined to not be railroaded by control-freak politicians or lowlife protesters alike, who seem to think it?s okay to ram their racist and communist ideals down our throats by any means, including illegal ones.

And simply because I?ve raised the issue of freedom of speech, you just watch the radicals now who will try to pillory this as right-wing hate speech. Because any time anyone speaks for balance and freedom, they?re immediately a target of the Stomping Machine.

Now it?s taken another evil turn, Don Brash, cut off at the knees by a university – a supposed bastion of freedom of speech – now deciding who shall speak and who shall not. This is not some left-of-field nutter from the other side of the world with dubious credentials. We?re talking about a well respected Kiwi politician, party leader, three years as Leader of the Opposition and former governor of the Reserve Bank.

Majority fed up

I?m also aware, more than ever, that there?s a huge silent majority out there who put up with this tripe. Have been for years. They?re getting increasingly irritated.

They?re not the militant, loud mouth types, but the ones who?ve been quietly working away, paying their taxes, not seeking any limelight, or trying to mind-control the rest of the nation.

Quite the opposite of the Outspoken Bashing Brigade; they avoid conflict and prefer to negotiate and reason.

Unfortunately, that is no longer working for the silent majority, and I?m seeing and hearing it from you every day. That group, ?I sense, has nearly had enough.

Go on, bullies and troublemakers. Keep poking the sleeping bear with the stick.

It will make great entertainment when the aggravated beast turns on the tormentor.