Take the day off,dearie

We only pay you half a million bucks to do the job.

The fluff pieces continue. Stacey Kirk on?Stuff?tells us how poor Jacinda will hardly ever be able to take a day off. Quote:

In theory it is – every new parent in New Zealand knows how hard the job is and would understand if she needed a break, or simply wanted a day with her child. But only in the good times.

If the economy starts to slow -?as some are warning it might -?if a minister causes a mess and she’s not there to deal with it, if services start to buckle and her reassuring voice is absent; people will understand a need for time off, but they won’t give any leeway at the ballot box. end quote.

Have you been living under a rock, Stacey? The economy is stagnating spectacularly – if that isn’t a complete oxymoron – and everyone seems to know it except you. Ministers creating a mess? Where would you like me to start? Twyford? David Clark? Andrew Little? They have all been behaving like lunatics while she has been on leave. quote:

Our Prime Minister is a classic Type A.?She feels the weight of the job, she is her own harshest critic. She personally won’t want to give the job of Prime Minister anything less than her all and a punishing international travel schedule in the coming months is evidence of that. end quote.

The travel schedule is entirely her own choice. She does not have to go to New York to parade Neve at the United Nations. And if she really was her own harshest critic, she would have resigned months ago. quote:

Just as every mother will know how hard it is for Ardern to be a new mum, they’ll know how hard it is for themselves, doing it on just?a fraction of the resources the PM has at her disposal.

And while Ardern is conscious of the fact that she doesn’t want to set unrealistic standards for other mothers, this also has to work for the sake of the working mum’s cause.?There’s an awful lot of support out there, but there’s also a hell of a lot of judgement. end quote.

Ardern is not the first ever working mother. Not by a long way. So why is this article suggesting that the fate of all working mothers rests on whether or not she makes a success of it? And yes, she has far more resources than almost all other working mothers, most of whom have to put their child into some form of daycare, which can be very harrowing. She doesn’t have to worry about that. Quote:

Only a handful of people know how hard the job of being Prime Minister is. Ardern has a new responsibility in raising and protecting the wellbeing of?a tiny human.

But?when the job is running the country, it’s more than just an administrative or executive role – it’s protecting the wellbeing of 4.8 million other humans. end quote.

Are we all dependent on Jacinda? I never realised New Zealand was a totalitarian state. Obviously, we are more like North Korea than I thought. quote:

The caucus has a nickname for their leader – endearingly, Mother of Dragons. In their minds it might be down to her fierce iron grip, that balances out the “compassionate face of Government”.

But it may as well be that without Ardern, the rebirth of the party would not have happened. Labour is Jacinda. Their polling is strong because of her and not much else.?Without her, for all the power they have now, the dragons would still grow weak. end quote.

I refuse to go along with the comparison between Jacinda and?Daenerys Targaryen simply because I don’t want anything to put me off Game of Thrones. There is truth in what she says though. Jacinda is Labour’s biggest asset. Take her away and Labour loses its appeal completely.

And that is why we have to keep having puff piece after puff piece, to keep the great unwashed public in her thrall. Once the appeal has gone, then so has her government.

Jacinda chose the path she has taken. She knew what she was in for. Most of us would just like to see her get on with the job we are all paying her to do. If she can’t do it, then let us find someone who can.