The beauty of a monoculture

Different cultures in New Zealand conform to a monoculture in many ways. This is because we are egalitarian to the best of our abilities. There may well be differences between Maori and European ways but both ethnic groups find that the Western is culture suitable for getting along. Other ethnic groups – Pacific Islanders (recognising differences among the Islands, of course), Chinese, Indian, and Jews (to mention just a few) seem happy enough to do the same.

Part of the Western tradition is to separate religion from politics and other aspects of our life to the point that we are basically a secular society which tolerates a variety of religious beliefs. Even groups like Gloriavale are tolerated although there is no lack of concern for people who isolate themselves. No harm seems to emanate from them even though many might say they do themselves no favours with their isolation. Schooling does admit some collaboration between our secular society and flavours of religion but the core curriculum is much the same everywhere. Our multicultural society uses a predominantly ?western? curriculum.

Now comes Islam (with warnings from Lauren Southern) and a heightened view of race and capabilities (with input about IQ from Stefan Molyneux). There is no separation of religion and politics with Islam. Muslims accept leadership from their Imams in all matters and this can clash with what we have accepted here in New Zealand.

In other countries we find difficulties. In Canada, Lauren Southern’s home country, in 2011, we find a school board getting into trouble for allowing an Imam to conduct Friday prayer services in the cafeteria of Valley Park Middle School.

At Valley Park Middle School, Muslim students participate in the Friday prayer service. Menstruating girls, at the very back, do not take part. (JOHN GODDARD / TORONTO STAR)

Notice how the boys are at the front, girls behind them and menstruating girls at the back permitted to listen but not take part. What will New Zealand do? Allow Muslims to run their own schools (called madrassas) with the Islamic curriculum called the Quran??That is not new in New Zealand and such schools have already gotten into trouble over curriculum matters.

The contribution of folk like Stefan Molyneux who have concerns with IQ is to focus on the intellectual development of children. While there are many issues around a person’s IQ there is agreement that it is the best measure we have for checking such intellectual development. Before the age of 18 (when inheritance is dominant) family and school play a big part (environment). School can be a rescue service for youngsters with an unhelpful family environment. More than that it seems that good schooling and good parenting combine to propel youngsters into life choosing challenging situations which can actually increase IQ. We have known this for years but have Muslims?

This issue is not extreme and for extremes involving Islam in schools, we can look at the UK. A pre-school (Little Ducklings) in Sussex has been ?slammed? by Ofsted for failing to spot whether children as young as two might become radicalised as jihadis.

In Gaza which is 99% Muslim a kindergarten regularly holds a graduation ceremony in which children play-act a military attack and hostage-taking.

In 2016:

and in 2018:

Their parents look on with approval. It is hard to find any girls participating.

In Pakistan where 75-95% are Muslim 12 girls schools were burned down less than a week ago. According to a report about 1500 schools have been destroyed in the tribal belt concerned.

Islam-watchers will have no difficulty in working out why girls’ schools were targeted.

As efforts increase to spread more Muslim migrants throughout the world, so should our efforts to maintain our culture, and our school culture especially.