The benefits of the Coalition of Losers

Let’s count up the benefits of the coalition shall we??

It is now nearly 12 months since the election and we are seeing the benefits of the Coalition of Losers starting to come through.

What you say! What benefits?

Well… I believe that what we are seeing is of benefit to us. Yes it is going to involve some pain, and yes it may cost some of us our livelihoods – however in the longer term, the prospective for democracy in New Zealand has a rosy tint to it that I haven’t seen in a very long time.

I admit it. After the election, I was very grumpy with Cam and believe his tacit endorsement of Winston (he will NEVER go with the Greens!) may well have swung the election to the CoL. I saw that as a bad thing.

With the dint of hindsight, I can now look at the last election as the necessary pain that an adolescent (our green tinged millennial electorate) must go through in those awkward learning years. If the Nats had won, the pain from 2020 onwards would be deep and the patient (our system of democracy) may not have survived.

Now at least we have a chance. Our economy will crash and it will happen sooner rather than later. The signs are there for all to see and the seeds of the crash were planted well before the CoL took office. Unsustainable immigration, unaffordable welfare and a decreasing tax take are but some of the issues that we face. Perception in markets is everything and once confidence is dented (as it is now) a recession is all but inevitable. On top of our own fragile condition, any sneeze in the World’s economy will send us into free-fall.

Why is this a good thing? Well to quote a famous meme “Socialism is a great ideal – until you run out of other peoples money” (and another) “those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.” The CoL (and lets be honest, the last Nat government!) are driving the country towards socialism – ignoring all the history behind that utterly failed experiment. A nephew living in London who lived through the 87 crash and the 90’s pain commented that his younger sister (now in her early 40’s) had never experienced “going without” and had not lived through a recession. Unfortunately for her and her fellow travellers, that is about to change! They won’t like the medicine but it may cure the disease!

I am awed by Cam’s prescience in understanding the need for the CoL to win to ensure that the coming bloodbath would happen. As a famous man once wrote “the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants” Blood must be spilled for New Zealand to become “well” again, with a purge of both major parties and the utter decimation of the Green blob and Winstonfirst.

Unfortunately, we must all suffer some pain before this can happen which reflects another truism: there is no gain without the pain!

by Rosco