The BUMMER machine

While not having read Jaron Lanier’s book??Ten Arguments For Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now?, the Amazon blurb about it seemed intriguing. Quote.

You might have trouble imagining life without your social media accounts, but virtual reality pioneer Jaron Lanier insists that we?re better off without them. In Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now, Lanier, who participates in no social media, offers powerful and personal reasons for all of us to leave these dangerous online platforms.

Lanier?s reasons for freeing ourselves from social media?s poisonous grip include its tendency to bring out the worst in us, to make politics terrifying, to trick us with illusions of popularity and success, to twist our relationship with the truth, to disconnect us from other people even as we are more ?connected? than ever, to rob us of our free will with relentless targeted ads. How can we remain autonomous in a world where we are under continual surveillance and are constantly being prodded by algorithms run by some of the richest corporations in history that have no way of making money other than being paid to manipulate our behaviour? How could the benefits of social media possibly outweigh the catastrophic losses to our personal dignity, happiness, and freedom? Lanier remains a tech optimist, so while demonstrating the evil that rules social media business models today, he also envisions a humanistic setting for social networking that can direct us toward a richer and fuller way of living and connecting with our world. End of quote.

The BUMMER acronym stands for Behaviours of Users Modified, and Made into an Empire for Rent.? Jaron breaks the BUMMER Machine down to six parts:? Quote.

A?is for?Attention Acquisition?leading to?Asshole?supremacy

B?is for?Butting?into everyone?s lives

C?is for?Cramming?content down people?s throats

D?is for?Directing?people?s behaviour in the sneakiest way possible

E?is for?Earning?money from letting the worst assholes secretly screw with everyone else

F?is for?Fake?mobs and?Faker?society. End of quote.

While the book is about the social media space (or SoshMed for the trendy people hosting Seven Sharp), the A – F seemed particularly apposite in the current New Zealand political climate.

A: Valerie Morse

B: Phil Goff,?Massey University Vice-Chancellor Jan Thomas

C: Main Stream Media

D: Winston Peters, James Shaw, Jacinda Ardern etc

E: Union bosses

F: Antifa, TAFA, Auckland Peace Action, Golriz Ghahraman, etc


NB:? Under no circumstances whatsoever should your Whaleoil account be deleted!