The day free speech in NZ died

Dieuwe de Boer

First published 04/08/18


After the Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern event was cancelled by the Powerstation owner just four hours before the start time, a quick rally for free speech was organised by the founder of?Islamic State Watch NZ. The rent-a-mob of various Marxist factions mobilised very quickly and in less than 12 hours managed to gather a small riot to completely drown out a free speech event. They deployed multiple loudspeaker systems (powered by diesel generators)?to play “music” so that no speeches could be held and no discussions or debates could be carried out.?They even threw smoke bombs.

You could only have a conversation with someone standing less than half-a-metre away. I did my best to give a feel for the scenes and hopefully show just how insane the left-wing anti-speech mob has gotten;?fueled by lies and fake news from the media and funded by dues from the country’s unionised employees.

I’ll write up a full report with as much insider information as possible in the coming week(s), especially since we need a few more days for the dust to settle.

The last two days have been sad days for this country and point to a bleak future. The lies, misinformation, and slander spread by the media have shown me that they truly are the enemy of the people. The hate mob that they incited against Lauren, Stefan, and then us, is proof that the media still holds enough power to sway public opinion with its propaganda.

There is hope though.?More people are waking up every day and your support makes it possible for us to spread the truth.

These are dark times, but the night is always darkest just before the dawn.