The good, the bag and the ugly

The Greens’ week has been a mixed bag.

First the good: Quote:

Conservation Minister Eugenie Sage wants Kiwis to be reintroduced to urban Wellington – and she’s suggested locals should stop owning cats in order to achieve the goal.

The community collective Predator Free Miramar, led by Dan Henry, is having success – with backyard traps making a big dent in the pest population.

“We’ve caught 1500 rats in a year, and another 1450 mice,” Mr Henry says.

But the Conservation Minister has suggested there’s another predator that needs to be dealt with: cats.

“I think gradually we’ll see people recognise that having wildlife thrive will mean having cats inside – and when your cat dies, then potentially not replacing it.” End quote.

Excellent, or we could put a bounty on them and encourage competitions like the Morgan Score. I loathe cats, especially feral cats, so eliminating them is a good idea.

Now the bag😕Quote:

Single-use plastic shopping bags will be phased out over the next year, the Government has announced.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Associate Environment Minister Eugenie Sage made the announcement on Friday, proposing a six-month phase-out period.

The move will help look after the environment and safeguard New Zealand’s clean, green reputation, Ms Ardern says.

“We’re listening to New Zealanders who want us to take action on this problem. This year 65,000 Kiwis signed a petition calling for an outright ban.”

It is the biggest single subject school children write to Ms Ardern about, she says.?End quote.

They write because their virtue-signalling womble teachers make them write. At least we now know what the price was for selling out to Winston over the Electoral Integrity (Amendment) Bill.

This is yet another light-bulb and shower heads moment from a virtue-signalling bunch of control freak wombles. These bags are not single use at all. The mad reality is people will now have to actually buy single use bags to line their bins and pick up dog poo.

At least it offers us an opportunity to make some money.

Now for the ugly.

You can’t get any uglier than Marama Davidson and her wish to culturally appropriate the word c*nt.