The Great Purge continues: More lefties sent to the digital gulag

Caption: A 21st century auto-da-f?

As I wrote recently, while most of the left is blindly cheering on the billionaire technocrats? Great Purge of Social Media, some of the more principled thinkers on the left saw clearly where it was all heading. If they can summarily un-person Alex Jones, journalists like Glenn Greenwald pointed out, what?s to stop them doing it to us? ?Rogue? leftist Caitlyn Johnstone pointed out that leftist outlets who challenged the party line of Silicon Valley were already getting the chop. As it happened, the noose was already drawing around Johnstone?s own neck. Quote:

They?re calling it a ?suspension?, but nobody can view my page and I can?t perform any activities on it, and it appears to be permanent unless I succeed in going through the anonymous and unaccountable appeals process. End of quote.

So, what did Johnstone do, to merit sudden consignment to the Memory Hole? Quote:

I made a political tweet about John McCain which drew the wrath of #Resistance Twitter. The offending tweet reads as follows:

?Friendly public service reminder that John McCain has devoted his entire political career to slaughtering as many human beings as possible at every opportunity, and the world will be improved when he finally dies.? End of quote.

You might disapprove of the language, but Johnstone is merely rephrasing Clarence Darrow?s observation that he had never killed anyone, but he had read some obituary notices with great satisfaction. Maybe you find even that offensive. But, as Salman Rushdie observed, freedom of speech necessarily includes the freedom to offend. Quote:

The establishment pundits responsible for manipulating the way Americans think and vote have been aggressively promulgating the narrative that McCain is a hero and a saint, and I think it?s very important to disrupt that narrative. End of quote.

Mark Steyn once wrote that, forty years ago, John McCain was a war hero. Ever since then, though, he?s mostly just been an asshole. So much so that he publicly mocked Chelsea Clinton?s looks when she was a mere teenager. Whatever one might think of her parents, as Steyn said, It’s an odd sort of war hero who picks on little girls.

It?s not like Johnstone hasn?t been consistent in her criticism of McCain: Quote:

I?ve been saying this exact same thing repeatedly for over a year?I was never once suspended or warned by any social media outlet or blogging platform at that time; it was treated as the political speech about a public figure that it clearly and undeniably is. The only thing that has changed since that time is the climate of internet censorship. End of quote.

Once the internet was a wild and woolly West of free speech, in all its beauty and ugliness. But billionaire Silicon Valley plutocrats have all but cornered the modern communications media, and they?re enforcing their grimly intolerant worldview with the ruthlessness of Orwell?s Ministry of Truth. Minitrue was based on the Communist propaganda and secret police agencies, and the digital plutocrats operate by the same Stasi-like methods of informers and hysterical denouncers. Quote:

A popular #Resist account condemned my post and was retweeted by Caroline Orr?Instantly, my Twitter notifications began filling up with comments?I also got a bunch of notifications like these from bot accounts?And I?ve received furious, vitriolic notifications from Clintonite Twitter accounts ever since, up until my account was shut down. End of quote.

Caption: Digital astro-turfing in action

This is not some spontaneous outpouring of ?outrage? at supposedly intemperate criticism of a powerful politician. This is a calculated strategy by Silicon Valley?s useful idiots. Quote:

If you can get enough people reporting the same thing over and over again for a few days, one of those reports will eventually land in the lap of an admin whose personal bias allows them to squint just right at political speech about a public figure and see a violation of Twitter policy. End of quote.

Defending the rights of an Alex Jones or a Caitlyn Johnstone is not about agreeing with them or not. It?s about a fundamental principle, free speech, the absolute bedrock of liberal democracy.

But we, the people, can fight back.

The media giants may look big and threatening, but their strength comes from us. Without users, without traffic, even the most gargantuan Silicon Valley behemoth can quickly falter and die. Remember Myspace? Quote:

The only cracks in plutocratic narrative control have come in the form of alternative media outlets and social media?the longer we wait to fight this, the more marginalized our voices become, and the smaller our window to escape the cage they are building around us shrinks. Make your voices heard and refuse to consent to allowing a few Silicon Valley plutocrats to manipulate public discourse in their own interest. The time to act is now. End of quote.

All we have to do is deny them oxygen.