The Green party veneer has peeled off

The Green Party Magazine cover

The Green party is on the front cover of the North and South magazine from May 2017. All shiny in suits and pretty dresses, looking slick and professional.

In the text of the article, Gareth Hughes talks about the Green party image.? Quote:

Hughes joined the party as an 18-year-old and was one of the youngest MPs when he entered Parliament in 2010 ? the first Green MP who hadn?t served with original leaders Donald and Fitzsimons. And the changes since then have been marked, he says. ?I still remember the days when we?d have papier-mache sculptures at Green Party events. You?re more likely now to see an ultra-slick PowerPoint presentation with economic analysis and footnotes. Now when you think about a Green, you think about someone in a suit, someone associated with a solar panel or wind turbine, less so with bells and Morris dancing. The change in image has been both organic and a pragmatic effort to escape being typecast. ?We want to be debating the issues, not what we?re wearing,? says Hughes. ?We want to be taken seriously because of the ideas and not have doubt cast on our credibility because of some old-fashioned stereotype. So it was a conscious effort to make sure we had the best brand. But not because we?re trying to sell soapflakes ? we?re trying to sell really important ideas in a political battle for values and visions?.? End of quote.

Let?s take a look at how the Green party of today stacks up against those values and visions from just over a year ago. A year that has seen the Green party move from having little influence, to now being in a confidence and supply agreement with the Labour party and New Zealand First.

Metiria Turei

Metiria admitted to defrauding the Social Welfare department while a beneficiary.
Here?s what North & South had to say about her then:

[?] Turei has been a strong part of making the Greens more acceptable and attractive to voters?[?]? End of quote.

Until she admitted to benefit fraud. That made her very unacceptable and unattractive to voters, yet she initially dug in her fingers and toes and hung on for dear life, hoping to ride out the storm. Eventually, common sense prevailed, and she resigned, no longer a member of the party.

Golriz Ghahraman

Golriz?s once impressive CV has been called into question many times since being selected for the government. Firstly her misrepresentation that she was ?putting on trial world leaders for abusing their power? when in reality she defended war criminal Simon Bikindi for inciting genocide.

From North and South:? Quote:

Every time Golriz Gharahman steps into Auckland?s international airport, she remembers the dash her family made down the escalators there in 1990 to claim political asylum.? End of quote.

Very emotive and dramatic, but now called into question by Australian immigration lawyer Simon Jeans. She has not answered those accusations, except to ban Simon from following her on Twitter. A more effective response would have been to provide proof of her claims and end the controversy, but she has not yet done that. We can only speculate as to why that is.

Marama Davidson

Marama was elected as co-leader in April 2018 and had been very quiet until recently. She threw her support behind the group trying to prevent Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux from speaking on their recent visit to New Zealand. A New Zealand politician protesting against the free speech movement.? During the protest rally in Aotea Square, she dropped the C bomb three times in her speech, and later went on what can only be described as a rant about reclaiming the C word ‘for women’. When the co-leader of a political party that is supporting the government on confidence and supply, states her ambition to ?reclaim? a word that most people find abhorrent, you seriously have to question that standards of the party she represents.

James Shaw

James Shaw is co-leader of the Greens, (not that you would know.) Where has he been during all of this? Silent. Showing no signs of leadership. Refusing to talk about his co-leader’s campaign to reclaim the C word.? Refusing to address concerns about Golriz’s CV embellishments.? Refusing to hold his party members to account for their disgraceful and embarrassing conduct.

Let’s look at what the Green party has achieved since the election last year.

The Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary is dead in the water, scuppered by New Zealand First.

Water rights? Green Party policy was for an immediate moratorium in water bottling takes.? Yet Eugenie Sage granted an application for a Chinese water bottling plant to purchase more land so that they can expand their operation. This was a surprising about face on a policy that is fundamental to the Greens.

In another blow, a five-year permit has been granted to explore for seabed minerals off the New Plymouth coastline, overlapping a sanctuary that was established to protect the critically endangered M?ui dolphins.

There will be more dead rats being swallowed when the Greens sign what is colloquially known as the waka-jumping bill. The bill has been labelled undemocratic and goes against the heart of the Greens ideology.

But don?t despair, here we have it ? the big win for the Greens.

On Friday, Ms Ardern announced the decision to ban single-use plastic bags.? Touted as a win, it is in reality, a policy of virtue signalling nonsense that will make very little difference to the environment. It was clearly a trade-off for the Green?s support for the waka-jumping bill.

So what does all of this show? That you can dress up the Green party, put them in suits and dresses, have their make-up done and give them a bunch of slogans. But it is only a veneer of professionalism because when push comes to shove, they will abandon their principles in a finger snap, as soon as they get a sniff of power.? Behind the fa?ade is a collection of potty mouths, frauds and liars all cobbled together by weak leadership.

The Green party is a shambles.? It would make sense for any competent Green MP’s with genuine political aspirations to abandon ship before the waka jumping bill is signed.? Anyone who remains in the Green party will be forever tainted by the disgraceful behaviour of others in the party.