The illusion of modern democracy

I am having a lot of insight again today, enough to make me have to share it with the great Whaleoil community again.

For starters, please hold on for a minute, while I pour myself another glass of insight.

Now, to start off, a month or so ago, I wrote my first Whaleoil blurb. It was titled ?99% of Kiwis have it way too easy? or something some such. (Mods and or editors, please feel free to link if you like.)

As such, I do feel obliged to admit to one of the very few mistakes I have made.

I did not title my previous piece. Through no fault of their own, as I should have provided a title, the title chosen by the great Whaleoil crew misrepresented what I was conveying a tad.? ?

The good thing about all of that though is, that I am officially titling this piece of insight, and as such, I would even go further, and instead of just titling it, invite the Whaleoil community to give me a pen name as which I will henceforward be known.

Today I will touch very softly on the illusion of democracy, and how we gave it away.

Pastly (if that was not a word, it is now), we used to have Kings, which with time also brought us, Queens.

These rulers and their advisors knew best, and not only told us how to live but controlled our lives in every which way they could.

As the humanoid species progressed, we decided that life under the thumb of a ruler was not only something to be disliked but also something to actively oppose and change.

Thus democracy was born.

At first, it worked well, the ruling class became servants to us the people rather, and we had great say in whom was to become our servants, instead of having rulers.

Alas, our short attention spans were taken to task by the great modern colosseums and circuses of life, at first television and shopping malls, shortly followed by the internet.

Curiously as we lost ourselves in these modern circuses of entertainment, we failed to notice how the previous servants of the people became the rulers of the people once again.

The fact that instead of passing ruler status down by bloodline, we passed it down by election, helped shield us from this unfortunate situation.

?Ah?, you might exclaim, ?but if we change rulers every 3 odd years, they are not really rulers are they??.

To which I will reply that the rulers and their advisors tend to not change unless forced by age or scandal, with the public face of the ruler the only thing to change every few years.

This, of course, gives the illusion to us that we are not ruled, but rather in control.

See, I am becoming a real curmudgeon, even though I am not that old yet. I do find the current situation of the world more entertaining than worrisome.

Now I do ask this of the great unwashed of the Whaleoil community;

  • Please for one moment forget your party affiliation.
  • Please for one moment forget your political lean.
  • Please for one moment forget your social lean.
  • Please for one moment forget your moral lean.

Answer but one question honestly and openly, without any bias or lean;

When last, did the politicians in charge, listen to the people of New Zealand, instead of forcing their will on us?