The Politburo strikes again

Business Scoop?reports: quote:

Local climate group 350 Wellington are inviting Wellingtonians to join the call for Wellington Mayor, Justin Lester to kick fossil fuel companies out of Wellington by banning the Petroleum Conference from council-owned venues.end quote.

Oh, here we go. It was only ever a matter of time, but even I am astounded at how quickly things have started to escalate. Now it seems the Alt-left are deciding what can and cannot be held at council-owned venues. Of course, we have Phil Goff to thank for this. quote:

?It?s unacceptable for the council to allow such a harmful industry in Wellington?s public venues,??said 350 Wellington spokesperson Claudia Palmer.??Our city is at risk from climate related flooding, sea-level rise, and extreme weather events, and we must hold the industry responsible to account rather than welcome them in. Our mayor has a duty to stand up for what?s right on behalf of our city.? end quote.

It is interesting that these people seem to think that they should decide what is ‘right for our city’. Our city may be at risk from flooding, sea level rises and extreme weather events (although, if any of you have ever spent time in Wellington, it is probably fair to say that an average day’s weather here is someone else’s ‘extreme weather event’), but this will all be magically fixed, of course, if we cancel a conference. quote:

Mayor Justin Lester has said ?Climate change is the most pressing issue of my generation? and stated that ?how we plan, grow, and build our cities is going to be critical in the global fight against climate change.? He and his fellow councillors take climate change ? and its effect on our city ? very seriously. end quote.

Exactly how you are going to do that, Mr Mayor, when the whole of New Zealand contributes only 0.02% of global carbon emissions is quite beyond me. Anything you do will make absolutely no difference to emissions but will cost your ratepayers a packet. Cancelling conferences that bring in money to the city is not the way to do it either. quote:

Yet several times over the past five years, including in 2018, the council has also supported the fossil fuel industry, the industry most responsible for climate change globally ? by allowing the Petroleum Exploration and Production Association of New Zealand (PEPANZ) to hold their conference in council venues. end quote.

You would think that these events at ‘council venues’ were somehow harmful when in fact, it is just a business conference. They won’t be firing rounds of ammunition into kindergartens or anything. quote:

At this annual event, deals are done to secure new oil and gas projects, exploration and extraction products are showcased and ministers lobbied, so that the petroleum industry can expand, and continue to wreck our climate. end quote.

Not a bit biased there, are you Scoop? There won’t be a lot of ‘deals’ done at the conference this year. The industry has already been blindsided by Jacinda, remember? I’m surprised there is a conference going on at all. quote:

350 Wellington are calling for the conference to be banned from council venues as a matter of principle, and for the council to develop a clear set of ethical guidelines around appropriate use of publicly funded venues.
Wellington City Council have a $2 million capital fund aside for one year alone, to address the impact of climate change on our parks, reserves and other network infrastructure. Yet conference organisers at PEPANZ want to celebrate New Zealand oil and gas being ?poised for action and ready for growth.? end quote

They are holding a conference. That’s all. It brings money into the city, that can be used to fund their pet projects, like fireworks in the middle of winter. Or renaming everything in Maori.

Here is a screenshot of the response from PEPANZ.

Once again, the Alt-left want to close down discussion instead of hearing how the industry can better manage emissions. But, like Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux and now Don Brash, they would rather take the Nazi approach. Don’t allow them to speak at all. That’ll fix them.

But, as we know, that approach tends to have the opposite effect. Still, it is very irritating to be told what can and cannot be said in public venues.

I’m sick and tired of these zealots deliberately trying to take us back to the Stone Age for no valid reason. But Phil Goff has let the genie out of the bottle. They are coming… to a council venue near you.