‘The protesters are the?sheep from Animal Farm’

Elliot Ikilei – New Conservative Deputy Leader

Fakalofa atu to you all,

I promised Whaleoil that I would review the event, but of course that event was cut down, so what do I?review now?

Well, perhaps then, I shall review the players surrounding this particular battle…

The speakers:

I hate Nazi’s, which is why I do not hate Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux, and I want to talk to these two in order that we have the kete of knowledge filled with all the good, bad and ugly data we can get. Average IQ levels differ between ethnicities? If it’s true then we desperately need to know. Is Sharia law infiltrating Western culture and is it incompatible as a shared system of laws, practices and social structures??If it’s true then we desperately need to know. Ignorance is not bliss, and knowledge is power.

The attendees:

I am so sorry for you all; it was easy for me – I organised for my kids to be with their pohpoh (grandmother) and, once it was cancelled I just met up with a couple of peeps and had dinner.

But?I have talked and heard stories from you of time taken off, therefore losing that money, hotels booked and paid, children placed with other family and hundreds spent on travel, food and expenses. It would have been worth it, and I really want you to know that I am absolutely gutted about you losing out more than just the ticket price – it just sucks…it really does, and if those other people had empathy, they would have gotten it too…if…

The Venue:

One of the owners of The Powerstation, Gabrielle?Mullins, claimed that she did not know?who was attending and that?”They can say whatever they want but personally I don’t want it in my venue.” I watched the clip several times, and I?believe?there is a lot more to the story than some last minute turnaround as per a number of physical and speech indicators. It will be fascinating to see what comes out but, in the meantime, I now view The Powerstation with a bit of amusement at their name “Power”station…

The Protesters:

Ah yes, the “Hate Aotearoa, Love Racism” crew (did I jumble up the words, or merely?correct according?to their actual function? I don’t know) and their ironically named?sidekick,?”Peace Action”; they won this battle, and I attended their rally that night, commenting to a friend that whatever the wording may have purported on their public description, ‘peace’ was not what they were looking for. They were ready to deliver that ‘peace’ to any who sought to engage in any thought outside the rally’s accepted parameters.

I actually did engage with some on their own sites and had some robust?k?rero that was excellent. I also got told “f*** off”, “you’re a f****** idiot”, “brainwashed”, “ya racist dog”, and a couple of other ditties. Oh, I pressed the function on my phone that takes a screenshot because, you know, I don’t like saying something happened and then saying I ‘deleted’ them.

What I did find was that the?protesters?had such a powerful ignorance of?facts, to their?own?critical awareness, to the irony of standing against?m?tauranga (knowledge), that my understanding of the?term “groupthink” finally had an objective example to measure against and verify. I laughed ruefully once I realised this.

The protesters are the?sheep from Animal Farm, and among them are?Napoleon’s?dogs, waiting for that call…

The true threat:

The last couple of skirmishes with free speech have uncovered a most fearful element in our society.

Several months ago, Israel Folau replied with a one sentence answer to a loaded question on social media. What followed was a 6 week, daily attack on him, and occasionally his wife Maria, by mainstream and some alternate media – daily…and a constant?assault?on his Christian belief, his very right to speak or engage on social media, his own thoughts even.

But all of that did not chill me. What chilled me is that a reigning Member of Parliament, Louisa Wall, also engaged in the attacks on his speech saying, among other comments

“I’m sure he’d be distressed to know his comments can kill, and they kill because young people feel despair because (they feel) there’s something wrong with them, and they should take their own lives”

Wow…a ruling government MP stepped away from being a representative of New Zealand as a whole country and engaging in activist speak for a personal matter, with words inaccurate,?venomous?and plain wrong. Not the only one, either: Green MP’s?Golriz Ghahraman and Marama Davidson, Labour MP’s Iain Lees-Galloway, Jacinda Ardern and ex-Labour leader Phil Goff all put their comments towards the dampening down, or straight out shutting down, of free speech. There were?video?clips and standing with the picket signs,?activism?and protesting hand in hand. And that is what has me chilled.

What happens?now that?the activists rule our country?

Kia monuina