The result of the investigation into Labour Youth Camp sexual assaults

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We have published many articles on the subject of the ‘alleged’ sexual assaults on four underaged youth who were supplied with copious amounts of alcohol and left unsupervised at the?Labour party summer youth camp. Here are just a few of them.

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We have been waiting?since February this year for the result of the Labour Party’s investigation into the multiple sexual assault allegations. At the time Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced that an internal investigation had been launched that would take three entire months to complete.

At the time we speculated on Whaleoil that the results of the investigation would never be made public as it was a strategy to get the story out of the news safe in the knowledge that the public would have forgotten about it by the time the investigation was completed.

Len Brown deja vu: No resignation from Andrew Kirton

Instead of publicly calling for the immediate resignation of Labour’s General Secretary Andrew Kirton for the role he played in the incident, Jacinda Ardern instead allowed him to quietly resign one month later in March?with a face-saving cover story.

Kirton resigns before review revealed

On the 26th of June, a man was finally charged and was?arrested and bailed to appear in court on four charges of indecent assault. We were told that he would appear in the Auckland District Court on July 5 and we have heard nothing more about the case since.

Speaking about the court case in June Labour Party president Nigel Haworth said Quote.

“The Labour Party backs the decision of the police to lay charges against an individual relating to allegations of indecent assault at the Young Labour summer camp earlier this year.

“The party’s internal report, prepared by Maria Austen [formerly Berryman], is focused on the party’s policies and procedures around the summer camp, if they were properly applied, and how we should correct any deficiencies.

“Maria Austen’s investigation is ongoing and separate from the police actions today. We will report back on her findings once we have received and considered them.”

-NewstalkZB End quote.

On the 27th June Newshub reported that an internal report into the allegations would?be released?”within weeks.”

Six long months later from when the story first hit the media Whaleoil can now exclusively reveal to our readers the final result of the Labour party investigation into the sexual assaults.

On Stuff, they told us that the Labour Party review was expected to be released by mid-August and here is what has been released…