The Teachers’ unions are very confused

As we all know the teachers are striking and according to the above sign they want ” Better funding not bulk funding.” This is very puzzling indeed as according to Stuff

[…] former PPTA president Angela Roberts stated to the world that “of course South Auckland Middle School is successful, it is bulk-funded” End quote.

Both teacher unions have made it their number one priority to prevent schools having the opportunity to pay their teachers more and to provide free uniforms, stationery and more for their students. They have fought tooth and nail to destroy Charter schools who pay their teachers more. What kind of a Union actively comes out against a method of funding that means that teachers get paid more?

I am genuinely puzzled. Are they confused or are they stupid? Whatever they are it seems that?increasing the?amount of money that their members earn is clearly not their main concern. It is more important to destroy Charter schools and to reject bulk funding than it is to get better pay for their members.

How ironic that the Labour coalition government that has done what the unions wanted by closing down all the high performing Charter schools that improved outcomes for Maori and Pasifika and who paid their teachers more is now under siege by the Unions who are demanding more money.

They really are a special kind of stupid. Forcing cost effective Charter schools to apply to become schools of special character increases the costs of running them markedly and means that there is even less funding available for other schools.