The usual suspects commit the usual crimes in Melbourne

Caption: It’s because of white racists like this that Melbourne’s Africans are driven to crime

I?m about as sick of writing about African gangs in Melbourne as Whaleoil readers probably are of reading about them, but surely nowhere near as frustrated as Melbourne crime beat reporters who must have the phrase of African appearance set as autocorrect phrases by now.

But this is where I grew up. I still have family and friends there and despite the steady denials of lying authorities and cosy elites in Melbourne?s well-heeled suburbs, it just keeps happening.

I can only imagine what the people of suburbs like Tarneit are feeling when rubbish like this happens on a daily basis. Quote:

A Melbourne woman has been bashed in her home by machete-wielding youths of African appearance, and the city?s top cop said the force has an issue tackling repeat offenders.

The 34-year-old woman, of Tarneit in Melbourne?s west, drove into her garage last Friday and was followed into her home by four youths. They ransacked her house and stole her car.

She was punched in the face when they demanded car keys. One of the youths was wielding a machete, police said.

The attack is the latest violent incident linked to young African-Australians in Melbourne, and is near a park that became a hotbed for youth crime earlier this year. End of quote.

The continual soft-pedalling by police certainly can?t be any comfort. Quote:

Victoria Police chief commissioner Graham Ashton yesterday said investigators from Operation Wayward, set up to track youth offenders in the city?s west, were struggling to tackle repeat offenders.

?We?re absolutely seeing the same offenders repeat offending, so we?ll absolutely nail them,? he said. ?We are continuing to arrest the same people again and again so when they?re out, there is this kind of core group. The community is working with them and we do things to get them off offending but they?re pretty resilient ? they like to reoffend.?

Tarneit and other suburbs in Melbourne?s west have been targeted by Operation Wayward, set up in May to target 64 young offenders with a police officer assigned to each youth. Police also have increased night patrols in the area. End of quote.

Hmm. We keep being told this type of crime doesn?t even exist (after all, rich celebrities, politicians and judges don?t feel at all worried about dining out at their hoity-toity restaurants), but that?s an awful lot of police resources being allocated to something that supposedly isn?t there. Quote:

?These offenders (in Tarneit on Friday) are African-Australian offenders ? these operations have been focusing on a range of different but definitely African-Australian kids,? he said.

?We?ve been managing these issues in Tarneit and surrounding areas ? between the two operations, more than 700 arrests in the past 14 months.

The operation had been successful in reducing offending in the area. End of quote.

Try telling that to the besieged residents. Quote:

Luke Mitchell ran the area?s Ecoville Residents Association but left Tarneit because of safety concerns. He said the issue of crime still had not been tackled properly although the park had been ?reclaimed?.

?The problem didn?t go away for the neighbouring areas ? we haven?t seen any problems in Ecoville ? We?ve cleared the trees out ? we?ve boarded up the community kitchen ?

?The issue hasn?t gone away; it?s just moved away,? he said. End of quote.

Locals have had to adopt a scorched-earth policy to try and deal with these criminals. This is insane.

Of course, the great and good of the media-political elite, not to mention Melbourne?s African community itself, whine about ?racism?, but: Quote:

Himashu Soni, who lives opposite Ecoville with his wife and new baby, said the park was ?disgusting?You can see the damage ? no seats on the benches ? but it?s not somewhere I want my child to play.?

Mr Soni?s neighbour Tanvi Gumber, who lives in the street with her five-month-old, also said it was not safe for children. End of quote.

The longer police, politicians and the media live in denial of this, the uglier things will get. Vigilante groups are already forming but naturally, the left will clutch their pearls and gibber about ?racism!?, as soon as the first thug gets his comeuppance.

The left love to jabber about imaginary Scandinavian utopias. Well, they’re well on the way to turning Melbourne into the Sweden of the antipodes. Just not in the way that they imagine.