This won’t be a problem for The Whale Meat Company

Some fussy eaters are upset with My Food Bag because they sent some of them meat products.

The NZ Herald reports: Quote:

Food delivery service My Food Bag accidentally sent two ingredients containing animal products to its vegetarian customers this week.

My Food Bag – New Zealand’s third largest food business behind the two major supermarket chains – said it regrets the error and moved quickly to fix it.

“My Food Bag was alerted to two incorrect ingredients in the Vegetarian bag delivered yesterday, ” My Food Bag’s Ryleigh Cornes said in a statement.

“One was a sauce that contained chicken broth and the other a cheese that contained animal rennet.

“The efficient customer service team have re-sourced the product and My Food Bag is replacing the two items overnight,” Cornes said.

Wellington woman Diane Sieger is one affected customer and said on Twitter that she was perplexed how it could even happen.

The company, co-founded by celebrity chief Nadia Lim, said it was sorry for the error.

“We understand how concerning this can be for our veggie Foodies – we take these issues very seriously and are working hard behind the scenes to make sure this doesn’t happen again,” My Food Bag said in its reply to Sieger.

Customers pay $124 for My Food Bag’s vegetarian option, which contains four meals for two people. End quote.

Well, The Whale Meat Company won’t be having that problem, we don’t sell our products to vegetarians or vegans. I don’t think we are going to have much problem with faithful Muslims as customers either, none of our meat is halal certified. In fact, all of our meat products are loving packed within sniffing distance of bacon and pork products.

The only vegetarians we will be serving will be the ones in the meat box. You can be a vegetarian vicariously by eating meat, which eats plants.