Time for an end to the MSM fluff pieces

New Zealand’s ‘first man’ Clarke Gayford

Newshub?has run a completely pathetic piece, trying to tell everyone how awesome and manly Clarke Gayford really is.

The thing is, I don’t care. I don’t care if he is manly or effeminate. He is, quite simply, not on my radar at all.

But that doesn’t stop the MSM trying to make a story out of absolutely nothing. quote:

Jacinda Ardern’s partner Clarke Gayford has proven wrong those who doubted him and constructed a deck outside his house while in the midst of new parenthood.

News presenter Amanda Gillies has remarked in June that Mr Gayford was “dreaming” if he believed he could build his deck once the baby had arrived.

But six weeks after baby Neve was born Mr Gayford proudly showed off video evidence of the deck, which included a step, and even got the praise of The AM Show’s sports presenter Mark Richardson. end quote.


First of all – are we sure that it wasn’t erected by a builder, rather than Clarke himself? And secondly – I know this might seem heartless, but…who gives a rat’s ass? Really?

Sorry, moderators. Forgive me. (These guys are super heroes. One strike and you are toast.) But seriously. How is this even news? quote:

Mr Gayford admitted the construction took place at some funny hours, saying in the video that he was out in the backyard with the deck at 4am.

He also sacrificed “sleep and personal grooming” to build it. Ms Ardern said she would have to offer an apology to her neighbours for the building as Mr Gayford had often been outside hammering late into the night. end quote.

He’s been hammering late into the night, has he? Interesting. So would someone tell me why I should care? Or why this is even worthy of being published by Newshub?

No one else’s partner has ever been hammering late into the night? Or early in the morning? Really?

The MSM seem desperate to promote Clarke Gayford as New Zealand’s ‘first man’, but the truth is that he is simply nobody. Bronagh Key was never known a the First Lady, so exactly why should Clarke be seen as the First Man? Denis Thatcher was never known as the First Man. Nobody ever has been described as such, as far as I know. Until now.

The Americans have the First Lady, but that is it. No first child, no first pet. No first plumber, no first street cleaner. The First Lady title is a particularly significant one, as she is expected to do a lot for charity and to support children in particular. It is a lovely, traditional role, that Michelle Obama and Melania Trump have carried out well. Clarke Gayford has no such role in society. He is nobody.

Paddles had a Twitter page and was called the First Cat. I assume this was done by Jacinda and her entourage, as nobody else seemed to think it was significant. In fact, no one cared. Neve also has a Twitter page, which describes her as the First Baby, but again, this title has been invented by Jacinda and her entourage. Neve is a baby. Paddles was a cat. Clarke Gayford is the prime minister’s partner. That is it. Sorry, but they are not special. They just think they are.

I always used to like the way our premiers kept a low profile and kept their families in the background. Jacinda does nothing, has nothing to offer, and plays it up as if she was part of a circus. I guess it is true that those who achieve a lot are usually modest about it. Those who achieve very little crow from rooftops.

Jacinda Ardern has grossly overestimated her significance in the public eye. She is the prime minister. She wasn’t even elected with a proper mandate. Her partner, her daughter and her (late) cat have no more significance than Max Key, Mary English or…… actually, I cannot remember when a prime minister tried to give a pet special status. How arrogant and conceited she is to think the rest of us actually care!

But then again, they are all useful to her. When things are looking bad, all she has to do is pull out a ‘homemade’ deck, a ‘first’ baby, or a dead pet. Rest in peace, Paddles.

This is what happens when you have a prime minister with no substance. But in the end, Jacinda, you will be found out. What is it they said in The Knight’s Tale? You have been weighed. You have been measured. And you have been found wanting.

You have definitely been found wanting.


Credit: Nige, for thinking this article was a good idea.