Time to start cleaning out the institutions

Caption: Former High Court judge Ian Callinan may be the broom needed to sweep out at least one of Australia’s institutions. Digital Image: Lushington Brady

It?s almost impossible to discuss the left?s Long March Through the Institutions without sounding like a 1950s McCarthyite paranoiac, but as the old saying goes: ?Just because you?re paranoid, doesn?t mean they?re not out to get you?. Joe McCarthy may have been crazy, but he was also sometimes right.

The Long March Through the Institutions is the strategy first formulated by Marxists Rudi Dutschke and Herbert Marcuse in the late 60s and early 70s. The strategy is simply this: subverting capitalist liberal democracies by slowly and steadily infiltrating its key institutions and white-anting them from the inside. Starting with academia and gradually working through NGOs, the civil services and increasingly now business itself, the left has pursued this strategy more-or-less quietly but assiduously for half a century. Parents aghast at education departments foisting creepy, nonsensical ?gender theory? on their children are among its casualties.

One of the biggest tactical successes for the Long March in the past two decades in Australia has been the systematic seeding of Civil and Administrative Appeals Tribunals. As I?ve written before on Whaleoil, these tribunals are statutory organisations set up to review government decisions, supposedly so that citizens can challenge unfair decisions. In practice, these tribunals have become stacked with activists and sympathisers, ensuring that the left keep getting their way.

If it seems as if the Long March has driven liberal democracy to the wall, it?s because liberal democracy?s very institutions can make it uniquely susceptible to intolerant dogmas like Marxism. Classical liberals and centrist conservatives are often almost too willing to put up with too much. But the Turnbull government is at last making a tentative stand. Quote:

Former High Court judge Ian Callinan will conduct a sweeping review of the Administrative ?Appeals Tribunal amid threats by the government of a radical shake-up for the court over a string of controversial decisions to allow serious offenders to enter or remain in Australia. End of quote.

Callinan?s legal career is distinguished by a marked disdain for judicial activism and a preference for Constitutional Originalism. Quote:

With the AAT facing accu?sations of activism for its willingness to set aside government visa cancellations and refusals, the statutory three-year review will examine whether it continues to meet community ?expectations and public trust. End of quote.

Like other quangos which have fallen to the Long March (the Human Rights Commission, for example), the A.A.T often makes frankly appalling decisions which seem to favour the criminal and the non-citizen over law-abiding Australians. Quote:

A recent case that prompted a backlash from Home ?Affairs Minister Peter Dutton ?involved an AAT decision to overturn a government visa cancellation for a Chinese drug smuggler and Triad member who was jailed in Sydney for 10 years.

Earlier this year, it also overturned a decision to deport a pedophile priest to Ireland after he was released from jail in Australia on the grounds of age and that he was unlikely to reoffend.

Another involved setting aside a decision by the government to deny a visa to a Palestinian man who had been jailed by an Israeli military court for planning a bomb attack. End of quote.

Peter Dutton has taken a strong stand against illegal immigrants and criticised the Victorian government?s weak-kneed denialism about African crime gangs. Naturally, he?s the b?te noire of the pearl-clutching Australian left. Quote:

Mr Dutton, who last week warned that he would ?sort out? the tribunal, has become frustrated with the frequency with which the AAT sets aside visa cancellations or denials by the government.

?People should have their day in court, but at the moment the way in which the AAT is operating in many of these cases is ?completely unacceptable for the community,?? he said yesterday.

?This review will look at ways to better address community standards because it is not right that these people are here committing multiple offences, serious offences against multiple Aus?tralian victims and somehow they?re allowed to stay.? End of quote.

The worst thing about these quangos is that they continually thumb their noses at the rest of Australia almost with impunity. Quote:

The AAT?s migration review board has set aside almost a third of all refusals and cancellations made by the Immigration ?Department that has forced Mr Dutton to increasingly invoke ministerial discretion and overrule the AAT. End of quote.

When open borders activists piously whine that ?the majority? of so-called asylum seekers are ?genuine refugees?, what they mean is that their fellow travellers who?ve stacked the AAT are ignoring the facts presented by ASIO and the Immigration Department. Who cares if jihadists are pullulating in Australian suburbs, and ethnic crime gangs are rampaging in Melbourne?s suburbs? Quote:

Last week, Mr Dutton warned ?change? was coming for the A.A.T. End of quote.

Let us hope.