Tommy Robinson is free: Will add to post throughout the day

For those who missed our late night post yesterday, Tommy Robinson has been freed.

Here is a selection of information from Social media and alternative media.

So we now know, irrefutably, from the Lord Chief Justice himself, that Tommy Robinson was improperly tried, improperly convicted, improperly sentenced and improperly treated in prison. Every single element of his treatment was illegal. Everything. He was a political prisoner.

Corrupt fake news main stream media hound Tommy on release from prison to try and get interviews. As if he is going to give them his time. They have spent the best part of 2 months writing horrible lies, slander and fake news not only about Tommy but also hard working people who support him. Every single one of them journalists and people who call theirself secret barristers with their pretentious, slanderous articles insiting there was nothing wrong with his conviction and people who were protesting were thick have been exposed as the thick bigots that they are. As Tommy said to the pack of dogs outside Prison, the British public have woke up to the corupt political bias of these so called journalists of the mainstream media.

You will notice how much weight he has lost, the food was prepared by fellow inmates of which 1 in 3 were Muslim so unfortunatly Tommy could not eat much of the normal food due to risk of tampering. Because as stated in the judgement today the Leeds Judge wrongly classed him as a criminal conviction rather than a civil contempt it meant he had far less to spend each week and for many weeks only could spend ?10, ?5 of which went on phone calls to his family leaving him just ?5 for 4 tins of tuna and fruit. The establishment tried to break him mentally and physically!?#TommyIsFree?#TommyRobinson

-Tommy Robinson Fcebook page

While covering?Tommy Robinson’s win in the UK courts today, Ezra Levant took time to talk to Eddie Mair of BBC Radio 4 about the judges’ decision.

LISTEN HERE: Interview begins at the 43:00 mark.

On?Twitter, Ezra notes:

11. Anyways, lots of fun. But really, the male equivalent of Cathy Newman’s disastrous sniping at Jordan Peterson. I can see why so many Brits despise the BBC and their forced TV tax. And I can see why Tommy has such a large audience in the UK — people sick of being sneered at.

12. To my surprise, BBC4 kept most of my comments, except they stealthily edited out my accusation that Tommy Robinson was a better journalist than them, because he didn’t cover up Muslim rape gangs like they did! You can listen at the 43 minute mark here:

To read the PDF of the summary judgement in full click here

News from the Middle East Forum?
August 01, 2018


PHILADELPHIA ? August 1, 2018 ??The Middle East Forum applauds the release of?Tommy Robinson?from prison this morning, after the UK anti-Islamist activist won his appeal over a contempt of court sentence.

In June, Mr. Robinson, a long-time target of UK authorities, was covering a rape-gang trial involving Muslim defendants in England when he was?arrested,tried,?convicted, sentenced to 13 months prison, and jailed ? all in the course of five hours, all while denied access to counsel.

The full resources of the Middle East Forum were activated to free Mr. Robinson. We:

  1. Conferred with his legal team and made funding available to them;
  2. Funded, organized and staffed the large ?Free Tommy??London rallieson June 9 and July 14 (see?The Times,?The Guardian, and theIndependent);
  3. Funded travel by?Rep. Paul Gosar?(R-AZ) to London to address the rally; and
  4. Urged?Sam Brownback, the State Department?s ambassador for International Religious Freedom, to raise the issue with the UK?s ambassador.

What precisely happened: In an extraordinary?decision, the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales – the head of the judiciary in England and Wales, roughly equivalent to the American chief justice of the Supreme Court – himself wrote a judgment rejecting the kangaroo-court verdict that had Tommy Robinson instantly thrown in jail for over a year because of an obscure?Contempt Act?that a?UK media guide?says ?in practice ? is not enforced.? Lord Chief Justice Burnett denounced what he called “a fundamentally flawed process” and in a further rebuff to the kangaroo-court judge, assigned Tommy Robinson’s case to someone else.

MEF president Daniel Pipes commented: ?This validates the #FreeTommy campaign’s claim that Tommy Robinson, yet again, had been treated (in the words of his autobiography’s title) as an enemy the state. We at the Middle East Forum are delighted by this turn of events and look forward to the charges against Tommy Robinson being considered in a sober, neutral, and un-rushed manner.?

Forum director Gregg Roman adds: ?This is a win not just for Tommy Robinson, but for all those in the United Kingdom who publicly discuss Islam and related matters ? including Islamism, jihad, and Islamic ?charities.? The UK authorities tried to shut down an important debate. They lost. The people won.?

The Forum will continue to support Mr. Robinson?s ? any everyone else?s ? right to speak freely about controversial topics.

_ _ _ _ _
The Philadelphia-based Middle East Forum promotes American interests and works to protect Western civilization from the threat of Islamism.