Top Ten posts of the week

This Monday morning post is to provide you with the links to the top TEN?most read?posts of the past week so that you can easily catch up on the most interesting and popular posts written by our Whaleoil writers over the past 7 days ( Sunday to Monday).

  1. FakeNewshub confirms it wasn?t a Nat who leaked by attacking the entire National caucus
  2. Hosking on National?s dirty little leaker
  3. Who is the leaker?
  4. Sledge of the day
  5. Brash is spot on over Key?s government
  6. I?d go for cock-up over conspiracy
  7. Jacinda really can do it all
  8. Rodney Hide on the bag ban
  9. Hosking on striking teachers
  10. The prime minister has her hands full