Vice Chancellor caves, bullies get Don Brash banned from speaking at Massey University

David Seymour has sent out a press release this morning that should be a concern to all due to the attack on free speech that is occurring in New Zealand right now.

Don Brash has been banned from speaking at Massey University, and the university has used “safety concerns” as the excuse: Quote:

“Massey University Vice-Chancellor Jan Thomas should resign after cowardly barring Don Brash from speaking at the University”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“After veiled threats from a left-wing thug in a letter to the Vice-Chancellor, she capitulated this morning and prevented Dr Brash from speaking on ?security? grounds.

“A student wrote to the Vice-Chancellor: ?I look forward to hearing what your thoughts are on this matter and steps you will take to ensure the safety of those attending. Remember in light of their type of “Free Speech” does not come Free of Consequences.??

Brash, a former Reserve Bank Governor and Opposition Leader, was due to speak to the Politics Society tomorrow.

“I have long feared that American-style anti-intellectual, violent intolerance would come here.

“It has appeared at Massey this week and the university has completely failed to the test.

“Education Minister Chris Hipkins should follow the British and defund universities that do not protect freedom of speech in their campuses.

“Universities exist to promote robust debate, educate, and search for the truth.

“They do not exist to coddle students and protect them from views they might disagree with.

“Hipkins must take action against publicly-funded universities that fail to protect free speech. Professor Thomas should resign immediately. End quote.

I agree with David Seymour that the Vice-Chancellor should resign. But the issue is more than that.

What we are seeing now is a willingness to use violence from the left-wing as an excuse to shut down conservative speakers.

This is what happens when you give in to bullies. This is what happens when the media are cheerleaders for this type of behaviour instead of being the real fourth estate.

On the bright side, this is the sort of behaviour that got Trump elected. The looney left just piss off sensible people who then vote right wing and decades of halfwit leftist universities have failed to prevent National polling at 45% despite being in opposition.

We must continue to battle these fascists who are intent on shutting down freedom of speech.